Me, in a nutshell

This is me – in a nutshell!!!!

Sunflowers is one of my favorite flowers, and my dad once told me that I have the attitude of a sunflowers. Beaming during sunny day and mellow out during rainy day. Hence the name sunflowerslady. What about the name of Sendie-lou.. well, my name is Sendie, my friends call me sendie-lou, I have no idea where that comes from. It’s from the Grinch! Well, duh, I’m from Indonesia, we don’t have the Grinch or Dr. Seuss there! Ha! I’m Indonesian.

My old colleague used to teased me that I have a bit of gypsy in me because as young as I am, I’ve been travel around the world and live in three different country. I’m originally from Jakarta – Indonesia, I have live in Sydney for 3.5 years while completing my bachelor degree. Then I met my husband and now I live here in Denver.

I live in a home away from home. With my diverse background and experience, I encounter a lot of interesting experience in this journey and I decide to write it here in my blog. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to drop a comment because I heart comment. 🙂

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    • Diane, you made my day. Thank you for your beautiful comment and I am so honor you put me on your blog roll! I have been your fan since I found your blog through Paige Morgan’s slightly off balance blog roll. Your story trully inspiring and made me beg for more! Thank you so much!! Sending you hugs from Denver!

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