Weekend recap and happy Monday!!

My life here in Denver maybe a lot of things, but boring isn’t one of them. My weekend back to normal, what I mean by normal is full of birthday’s invitations and activities.

Good thing I (thought) got a step ahead of my chores and did my laundry Friday night, although it seems like a moot point because by Saturday it’s already piling up again… and don’t get me started on house cleaning… I swear to you, I think my house is cursed by never ending laundry and dishes and toys that miraculously always on the floor – no matter how good I (try to) hide them! That’s another story…

After Tyra’s weekend activities such as bible studies etc. We headed for Downtown to see the chalk painting shows. My husband is a fan and always wants to see them every year. Last weekend the weather was very nice, so it’s not too terribly hot and we got good parking too!

After a stroll in downtown, we stop by to visit the river and get out feet dip into cool river water. Kalia loving it! She can’t let go of the water melon and hold on tight while enjoying the river. So cute! I’ll post picture on different post. Big sister Tyra as always love the water and having a hard time leaving. But the sun almost set and we have another party to go to.

Hawaiian party theme ended our Saturday night bash. It was fun. Kalia have cool aid for the first time and just loving it! She got her little beach outfit all wet and sticky from all the watermelon and cool-aid I have to give her a bath at my friend’s house! We have pho for dinner. My friends made one of the best pho I have eaten. I ate a huge bowl!

Sunday is another fun/busy day. Tyra have been whining to see her best friend, little did I know her friend did the same. Her mom calls me and set up the time to meet. We went to the park nearby our house and let the kids play and play and play. They were so cute though, when they see each other they just ran and give each other a hug… oh.. melt your heart just a beauty and pure friendship. I wish they will keep this friendship even after we moved.

Then.. another birthday party! This time is a pirate birthday theme. With all those activity and emails and invitation and planning our own party for Kalia in 2 weeks, I completely missed out on the pirate theme so we are the only one who didn’t dressed up as pirate! We still have fun though… 🙂

And.. another thing I missed… we supposed to attend our first mandatory Dragon Boat practice (husband will be competing this year) and I miss reading the time. I thought it was at 4 pm turn out it was at 1pm, the same time with the pirate party. Oh well..

We got home around 5 pm ish.. and worn out from the weekend. Tyra help me make dinner we made egg lo mein and both her and Kalia eat it up! Then get ready for Another Food Network Star – my favorite shows.. 🙂  and ready for bedtime and welcoming Monday…

I’m still holding out hopes hopefully the government will realized that Two days to see people, have fun, run errands and rest is not possible and somehow  will institute a third weekend day. In the meantime… happy Monday y’all!!