Happy Mother’s day!!

 First day of winter in the US and Mother’s day in Indonesia. Yup December 22nd is Indonesian Mother’s day. I actually forgot all about it until I came home and Tyra & my husband surprise me with a “Happy Indonesian Mother’s day” wishes – yes, Tyra have to put the Indonesian word in it. 🙂

Then add to my surprise, my Mom & my Dad both sent me a very beautiful mother’s day wishes.

For my dearest daughterI

wish you patience in time of hardship, smiles when your heart is crying. Be silent when others is not. Keep on forgive, keep on loving to even those who hates, keep on giving without expecting anything back. Always be thankful for every blessing and hardship – hardship is the unknown blessing to us.

Even when I’m far away, please remember that my love and my prayers is always be with you.

I thought it was a very sweet wishes and I miss her terribly. I cry when I got it yesterday and miss her even more. I found this picture on the internet and the flower remind me of her.

So for all mother’s out there, Happy Mother’s day!!! We are so special that we can celebrate this day twice! – het at least I am! 🙂

Oh.. before I go, I want to share a picture taken this morning during our little winter storm here in Denver. I think it’s beautiful I wanted to share it with you guys.

1st day of winter 2011 storm



Ode to my mother… to Bunda Happy Mother’s day

Mother’s day, originally uploaded by senfla.

December 22 is when we celebrate Mother’s day in Indonesia. My Mom is here right now visiting and I’m finally can celebrate Mother’s day with her after 10 years!

My mother is such a wonderful person she’s not only loved by me but also by my friends around me. She taught me so much. Especially about unconditional love. Her strength and dedication is fascinating. I’m happy if I can accomplished half of what she had accomplished in this life. She is the most compassion, forgiving and unselfish person I ever known in my life. One of her best advice to me was “Kill them with kindness.”

She’s the best grandmother for my children and they are too very lucky to have her as grandmother.

I’m a very lucky person to have such a wonderful role model. Love you Mom – Bunda… Happy Mother’s day.

Love you always, Sendie….