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Yesterday marked the 10th year of the 9/11 tragedy. I still remember what I was doing that day. I was off that day and after saying good bye to husband for work, I watch Golden Girls – Yes, I’m a fan of the Girls! 🙂  then my husband call told me to switch to the news. At that time it wasn’t sure of what happen yet, we know a plane crash the twin tower but not sure whether it was an accident or what.

Later on that day, the pieces started coming together and it sickens me. It was a very dark days for a lot of people including me. I was grieving for those who lost their life, I was grieving for those who left without a husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sisters… those who lose their family.

I also personally grieve in the name of my religion. A group of small minded people decide to do this in the name of religion, in the name of God. It angers me. I was angry for a long time and I’m still angry. To be honest for a long time I was so prejudice against people from Middle East thinking they have ruins my religion.

I have never ashamed to be a Muslim that even that day, but I was ashamed Islam connections to Middle East. I’m not sure why I took my anger out to Middle Eastern people I just do. Later on that same year when we celebrate EID, at the mosque after the prayer and the sermon that’s the first time I feel like I can let go of the anger.

All Muslim – the true Muslim – regardless of where we came from condemn this act of violence. Including Arabs and the rest of the Middle Easterner. They hate it as much as anybody with the right mind.

It hits me, I was no difference then the terrorist for having that small minded. I am no difference then bigots for being so prejudice towards Middle Easterner. I feel so ashamed. I guess I was so angry and somehow direct my angers towards Middle Easterner. I apologize for having such a small minded.

There were (and still are) so many anger towards Islam and us Muslim, there are so many hate and unanswered questions. I can honestly say I understand the feeling, I understand the anger and even the hate. However as times goes on, I also wish that people will see that 9/11 wasn’t the act of a true Muslim and bring the message of Islam. As times goes on I wish that people will and can see that even Muslim was hurt by this.

Instead of linger with anger and hate; I try to see the message behind this tragedy. It’s about life. How life is short and it can be taken anytime. As corny as this might sound, but really I am trying to live my life as humble as possible, forgive often and be grateful for everything I have.

Life really is too short, let’s makes it the best possible way, so by the time we end this chapter it will be a celebrations of life instead of memorial services.

Love always,


The day of forgiveness…

Most of you know that I’ve been fasting for the past month. Today is the last day of Ramadan, and even though (honestly) there are part o me that relieved the fasting part of it is over, but there are part of me that’s really sad that it is over. Ramadan is a holy month for Muslim, it is the month that all sins are forgiven, the time where we truly can redeem our self and reborn as new person that is sin free.

Tomorrow is EID or Eid Ul-Fitr [Eid in Arabic means festivity, whilst Fitr means purity] so to sum up its mean the festivity of purity. Victory is another word use a lot during the festivity. EID is also the day of forgiveness, the celebrations involved apologizing to others and forgiving those who have hurt you in turn.

This holy month always brings a mixed feeling for me. I have many – many fun loving memories of my childhood especially during this holiday. The house is glowing with decoration and the smells of the traditional holiday food cooking in the kitchen….

My Mom normally already picks the new prettiest clothes for us to wear for the celebration tomorrow and I can’t wait to wear it! That night all of the kids at the neighborhood come out and play and we chant Takbir – glory and praise to Allah, we play fireworks … it’s like a whole block party, even better, it’s the whole nationwide party cause majority of Indonesian is Muslim and we all celebrate EID!

Tonight the EID eve or end of Ramadan is one of the best night for me to have as a child… the whole atmosphere seems to filled with love, happiness, laughter, with Takbir always at the background. Can’t wait for tomorrow, the EID where after prayer we went and visit relatives asking for forgiveness and for us kids, we’ll get money!!! YAY!

To me, EID is a very beautiful holiday, it’s about thanksgiving, forgiveness and charity. No gift exchange involves, no material stuff. All pure humanitarian holiday from the heart. We supposed to ask forgiveness from each other. This is the year where I know I have the best parents ever. They will humbly ask forgiveness from us – their child. It’s always makes me cry when my mom and my dad will hugs me and ask for forgiveness – sincerely.

I mention earlier how I feel a bit down because again I spend holiday away from home… here in this place, where even most of my friend doesn’t share my excitement of this holiday – gosh I’m such a baby! I look at my family’s picture on Facebook on how the holiday is back home and it’s always bring tears….

Beside the normal pray I said, I also pray for peace and little hope maybe I will be given a change to celebrate next holiday with my family and share that special moment with my two girls. Amien.

Eid Mubarak to you all.

Waiting till sundown…

Today is the 17th day of Ramadan – meaning 17 days of fasting for Muslim. I’ve been fasting since the 3rd day of Ramadan. And so far everything is good. The 1st week I have lower energy than usual and not having my morning coffee is a huge adjustment to my routine. Other than that it’s all good.

I also learned that between 2 – 4 pm is usually the worst time of the day. That’s when my hunger and thirst reach its peak and of course, it’s mostly the busiest time at work as well so I struggle a bit during that time.

I’m not going to lie, fasting is hard, there are times I feel like “forget this, I’m going to eat something!” but that’s just my temptation talking, so far I can suppress that feeling and stay fasting till the end of the day.

Yesterday I have to do several errands before headed home, it was very hot yesterday and I feel like I can use a big gulp of soda. Then as I stop on the red light, there’s a homeless guy holding a sign asking for help. There’s a few of unopened bottle of water in my car and also a box sandwich that I took home from meeting cause I can’t eat it due to fasting, I offer it to him and he graciously took it. He immediately opens the water and just gulps it as if he hadn’t drink in a while and maybe he hasn’t.

As I drove off he keep on thanking me and there’s a look on his face that I can’t never forget, such gratitude that shows. At that time it hits me, one of the reason for Ramadan is for us to be more compassion towards the unfortunate one. Through fasting, we all experiences hunger and thirst, and will sympathizes more with those in the world who have little to eat and drink every day.

During fasting, no matter how thirsty I am I couldn’t just buy a drink and drink it or just grab any food and eat it. No, you have to wait till sundown before you can eat and drink. Fast food places and restaurant and convenient store are all around me but I couldn’t just stop and grab something. It’s just like that guy at the intersection. No matter how thirsty and or hungry he is, he couldn’t just go there and grab something. At least I only have to wait until sundown, who knows how long he has to wait until he has his “sundown”.

At least I only have to wait until sundown….. I need to remember that feeling, that look on that guy’s face as he gulp the drink.. this feelings and lessons that I experience should stay with me throughout the year.

To all: May Allah accept our fasting, forgive our sins, and guide us all to the Straight Path. May Allah bless us all during Ramadan, and throughout the year, with His forgiveness and mercy, and bring us peace and all closer to Him and to each other. Amien.

Welcome Ramadan

Here I am, finding myself (almost) in the midst of the Islamic Holy month of Ramadan in Colorado. Ramadan is the holiest month in Islam, most people only known it to be the times where Muslim fasting from sunrise to sunset. That’s part of it, it is the time where Muslim practice a strict self-discipline, abstaining from food, drink, and sexual relations.

This is also the month where Muslim More than ever) asking for forgiveness for previous sins and preventing oneself of committing new one. It is also the time where we emphasis forgiveness from each other – not just God, but with friends and relatives. Refrain from speaking ill of one another or even just thinking impure thoughts.

The idea behind fasting is as practice of self control, to draw focus from earthy material stuff and to think of those who are less fortunate by understanding the true meaning of hunger and thirst are. Hopefully we all will be more compassionate as person and reborn to be a better person, a better Muslim.

I would like to enter this holy month with clean slate. Therefore I ask for forgiveness from you all in case I say (wrote) something that offended you, or un intentionally say or do something in appropriately or hurt your feeling. May the light that we celebrate at Ramadan show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony.

Salam, Sendie –Lou

What I wrote last year during this time…

The beauty of Ramadan….


Apparently I’m conservative

I had lunch with one of my colleague/friend yesterday and somehow we end up talking about politics and religion. My friend is a reform Jewish and as you all know I’m a Muslim. She asked me what my religion means to me and how I feel about the negative connotation it has with the world.

As for the negative connotation, yeah, I’m pissed. Not at the world, but at the small group that caused that negative images of my religion. I hate when people call me moderate Muslim or moderate Islam. To me there’s only 1 – ONE Islam and that’s me. People often mistaken or confused some countries culture with Islam. Just because the majority population of that Country is Muslim it doesn’t mean that their culture is acceptable in Islam. Honor killing for example. It is not part of Islam teaching at all. Or the Jihad word that been misused by group of terrorist. Btw, I read the Quran from top to bottom and there are no mentions in it of the 72 virgin and pool of honey.

My religion is a big part of me, it define who I am and how I acted. I’m far from perfect, but with religion I have guidelines of what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s acceptable and what is not and the realization there will be consequences later on.

That was my answer. She seems surprised. She said I was so easy going that she would never guess that I’m actually very conservative. Now that’s a first, no one has ever thought of me as conservative and I’m always leaning towards liberal more. I guess, I’m conservative when it comes to me, does it sound selfish? Maybe. In my mind, I have my choices and my believe and what I think it’s right or wrong based on it but I’m not one that will judge people based on their choices.  We are adult with realization of the consequences of our actions. God teaches us to Love and to Forgive and that’s what I tried to do.

The same feeling I have for my parents, love, respect and fear – especially to mom, is the same feeling I have for God and more knowing he’s capable of throwing my @$$ in hell 🙂

Why do I even talk about this? Who knows, I guess the conversation with my friend yesterday still stay in my mind. Her reaction when I bluntly told her I was still a virgin until I met my husband.

As for politics, I mention I always lean towards liberal more, my friends told me liberal is gutless. I chuckle at her comment. No matter what side you are on, left or right, at the end we all have a common goal to bring better life and better place for this country.

For friends and colleges who always engage in deep heat discussion of politics, I’d like to point out of what I think is the beauty of America. The wonderful result of democracy, each election here in US is unique and different and no same party will be in powers for more than 2 terms. I can’t imagine if 1 ideology stays in powers forever. Well, yes I can, look at Iraq, look at Indonesia during Soeharto regime or North Korea. When you look at that, you will realize how we have it “perfect” here in US. God Blesses the USA.


Not afraid of terrorism

I come accross a good reading this morning and I think it’s worth to re-post. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I am not afraid of terrorism. Maybe it’s because I did not live in New York City during 9/11 or maybe it’s my corny belief that good always prevails in the end. Whatever the reason I find myself unafraid. Even with the arrests of alleged Al-Qaeda members, rising terror color-codes and wars raging in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I still find myself unafraid. I am not afraid because no one can tell me what I should be looking for in a terrorist. Well, not really. Maybe if U.S. intelligence could tell me specifically what a terrorist sounds like or smells like or eats. From the things I read and see on television I’m guessing most terrorists are of Middle Eastern descent, heavily bearded and absolutely positively they are Muslim. That’s it! Look out for intimidating Muslims in places with a lot of innocent American pedestrians. Hey, somebody quick, arrest Shaquille O’Neal!

Shaq daddy is a Muslim – did you know that? You didn’t see him and Sacramento Kings’ guard Peja Stojakovic kiss each other on each cheek before Western Conference Playoff games a few years back? Did you miss that? Did you think they were French? Those are two really big intimidating Muslims right there! Are they terrorists in training? The media (yes, I am included) uses death, Muslim and terrorism so collectively you would think they were the names of the Three Stooges! Is it fair?

When you look at Shaq in interviews, smiling, giving those incredibly witty sound bites, do you think of terrorism? Now that you know he follows the same religion as the Iraqi insurgents our American troops fight daily, will you look at him differently?

The word terrorism confuses me when it is married to the word Islam. Why are there Muslim extremists and not just Iraqi extremists or extremists (solo)? Is it because the extremists that carry out acts of terror against America hide behind their religion? Isn’t it the responsibility of the media (and individuals) to decipher Islam as just a characteristic of the extremists and not extremist as a characteristic of Islam?

Throughout history, the KKK has preached loyalty to Christianity but no one dares to label Christianity as a characteristic of racism. Adolph Hitler was also Christian (and also hid behind the religion) but I don’t hear Christianity glued to the phrase Nazism. Sexual abuse by priests has just cost the Catholic Church more than $1 billion in settlements but no one believes that being Catholic makes you more prone to becoming a child molester – and no one should.

So why is Islam automatically related to terrorists? And why do we so easily link the two?

Honestly. Are you aware that the “Muslim” extremists at war with the U.S. only make up a very minute percentage of Muslims worldwide? And when I say minute I’m talking about brothers playing polo minute, horse jockeys slam dunking minute, politicians getting crunk to Lil John minute! The same goes for the small percentage of Catholics who rape children and the very small number of Christian bigots who hide behind big white sheets.

Honestly. When you hear the word Muslim, is your first thought terrorism? Because when I hear Muslim, the first thing that pops in my head is one of my childhood heroes, Muhammad Ali. Ali, who as the Heavyweight Champion of the World decided that he would not fight in the Vietnam War because he could not kill anyone that did him no harm. His assistant trainer Drew Brown took it a step further in 1967 saying, “He’s fighting for the respect of his religion. He’s not fighting for his country.” Ali was stripped of his title and labeled an unpatriotic, out of control, radical Black Muslim. As a kid I learned on my own that Ali was fighting for what he believed in. What’s more American than that?

Honestly. When you think of Islam, do you think of terrorism? Because when I think of Islam, I think of Rasheed Wallace, the only Detroit Piston who entered the stands during the infamous NBA brawl. The only person with a jersey on that actually stopped some of those haymakers from landing. Mr. Technical himself became the calm Muslim weathering the monstrous storm of gigantic basketball players whaling on scrawny idiotic fans. Ironic huh, a Muslim trying to make peace.

Honestly. When you think of Islam, do you think about the thousands of criminals in our American prisons who convert over to Islam? The burglars, the rapists, the murderers and drug dealers all flipping the script and trying to get tight with Allah. But honestly, when I think of criminals becoming Muslims in prison I wonder what religion they converted from in the first place.

Sometimes I wonder how Ali, Shaq and Rasheed feel about the subject. About their religion being labeled as one of the reasons terrorists do what they do. I wonder if when they pray five times a day if some of those prayers ask for everyone to stop dragging their religion through the mud. If the league has phoned Shaq and Wallace and asked them not to openly talk about their religious beliefs in the best interests of the game. I wonder when they look into the mirror each morning if they find themselves afraid.

I am not afraid. And I will not be afraid if I sit next to a bearded Middle Eastern man on a plane. I will not be afraid if the terror color-code changes from a cowardly yellow to a ruby blood red. I will not be afraid if suspected al-Qaeda loyalists are arrested and dragged to GITMO kicking and screaming. I will not be afraid of any person based on his or her religion without knowing the quality of their character.

And unless I find myself back on defense alone with the ‘Diesel’ dribbling full speed ahead– I will not be afraid of Shaquille O’Neal.

Taken from: Shaq a muslim?

Decisions.. decisions.. decisions…

We’re only in July of 2011. We’re more than half way through the year! For me it’s time to look back and reevaluated everything.

This year has been emotionally hard for me. It might sound very silly, but the realization of living far away from family just hit me hard this year. Maybe watching my dad cry as he say good bye to us at the airport few month ago, maybe the lost of my brother and uncles? Maybe now my priorities just change? I don’t know…..

I can say this that even though I live far away from family, I’m one of lucky one to be surrounded by friends who are so good to me & my little family. Most of my weekends – if not filled with invitations or celebrations – are mostly spent with them. For no special reason or occasion, just relaxing together, playing volley ball, children plays together and normally we’ll have pot luck and dinner together. And talk… we talk about everything. Giving input to each other, advice, talk about past experience, hope for the future…

Being with this awesome group of friends helps tremendously, no one can understand how crucial those weekly traditions were for me in times when I felt down hearted or homesick, especially after my last home visit. Not even my friends themselves will ever know.

At first, after coming back from Indonesia my husband and I wanted to be closer to family, but moving to Indonesia will have to wait few years. There are a lot that need to be done before we can pack up and move across the continent.  So moving to WI seems to makes more sense, that’s why we decide to sell the house. Now that we’re much closer to the big move, we’re still can’t made a concrete decision whether we wanted to stay in CO or move to WI.

There are also a “unique” history between husband and his family in WI which I’m not going to bore you with the details. Unfortunately the uniqueness is not all good just leave it as that.

My sister in law was here few weeks ago and she met all of my friends and hang out with them. We also talked to my sister in law about moving and her respond was surprising to me, she said (pretty much), “If you’re moving to be closer to the family in WI and leave that awesome group of friends, then you’re stupid. I wouldn’t do that.” Keep in mind of the “uniqueness” history between the family and us.

Forget about the adult… there’s the kids.. nieces & nephews, cousins for Tyra & Kalia. Ugh.. my heads hurt just to think about it. We are getting closer to moving time and still have a lot of things hanging over our head. This is probably the most stupid and unorganized plan I ever did in my life.

I pray more and more now… pray for guidance. I know that God will listen and will somehow help me makes clear decision.  Someone shares with me this bits of wisdom about prayer: When God say YES, then our wish has comes true, when God says NO, then He will give us something else, something musch better than what we originally wanted. If God says WAIT, then we will receive the best at the right time. God knows not to give right away but at the right time. Amien.

Patience is virtue

Do you guys remember the story of Moses? When Moses friend Khidr put a hole in a (side of a) boat and Moses object. The owner of the boat is poor. Shortly an oppressor King came to the river and forcedly took all boat except the one that have hole in it. So the owners of the boat praised Allah due to the fact that there was a hole in their boat.

Do we know what’s good for us?

How many times do we get upset due to an event (or rejoice) because of our limited perception of what that event may
hold for us?

I come across an article of where a young man receive a blessing from God disguise as a tragedy. He was supposed to board a plane back to Britain for a teaching job from Egypt. The immigration hold him back because his Visa missing one of stamp required. That was the last plane to Britain for the day. He will be late and won’t be able to report to the job and will get fired. He pleaded to the immigration, crying do everything he could but they still don’t let him board the plane.

Disappointed, he returned home only to learn a few hours later that the flight he was meant to take (Gulf Air flight GF072) crashed killing everyone on board. While feeling so sad for all the passengers onboard, he thanked Allah for his decree.

In times of distress or when we desire something badly, we shouldn’t always assume what’s good for us and what’s not because Allah may have decreed a different outcome. As Allah says in the Quran (part of the verse): “… and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.” (Quran Al-Baqarah:216

Patience, that’s what a lot of us lack.
“patience can be defined as a manner of spiritual superiority by virtue of which we refrain ourselves from doing evil. it is also a faculty of the intellect that enables us to live properly in this world.” Qatada said, “Allah has created angels having reason but with no desires, animals have desires and no reason, and man has both reason and desires. Therefore, if one’s reason is stronger than his desires, he is like an angel. On the other hand, if his desires are stronger, he is like an animal.” (ibn Al-Qayyim – “The Way to Patience and Gratitude.”)

“….. whoever strives to be patient, Allah will make him patient” (Al-Bukhari).”

First Sunday school

Today is the first day Tyra attend Sunday Islamic school. Tyra is so excited, so am I. At home, I slowly begin teching her about the concept of God, how to pray etc, just some basic stuff and she know how to recite some prayer in Arabic. I have a high hope that this school will fill the gap of religion teaching that I can’t fill.

I’m very pleased with the teacher and the teaching. I feel so embarrased that I never teach Tyra the 5 pilar of Islam which is Shahadah (acknowledgement of God and Phophet Muhhamad), Prayer, Fasting, Charity and Hajj. That is the most important foundation of Islam and I never teach my daughter that. I feel blessed fof this Sunday School.  Tyra leaned a lot, not just the 5 pilars, but also about birthday, halloween, etc…

Oh, I have to share something funny, the first teaching is the concept of God. The teacher explain how God create us all, she ten point at all student while saying “He create you, and you and you….” my Tyra with confussion in her face slowly raise her hand and ask the teacher “But I thought my mommy and my daddy made me?”  🙂

Islam = Terrorist, the park51 debate

Islam is THE boogeyman….

I honestly don’t know completely how I feel about this. I wrote about this weeks ago when this issue first came up, but then I never publish it.

I’m a Muslim living in America, while I was still living in my home country and Australia, I always heard the horror story on American view on Islam. As always, I give it benefit of the doubt. Most of the time nothing really happen, but my experience living in Colorado Springs Is far from hate free especially towards my believe. Even before 9/11 happen, I went through an unpleasant experience.

America is pride themselves with freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of choosing, freedom of practicing your religion – whatever it is.. etc… this freedom is what (supposedly) the terrorist after. Freedom is why American is now at war, sending troops to Iraq & Afghanistan in order to protect this privilege rights of freedom. Also to free the local people from the tyrant leadership.

9-11 happen. It happen because of the work of 19 hijackers – who happen to be Muslim. But of course, even though it’s not in the name of Islam, its Islam at fault, Islam is to blame and therefore every Muslim is a terrorist. Am I right? You don’t agree that you think every Muslim is a terrorist?? Well, if you don’t agree, then why there’s so much misconception about Islam, why there’s a term of Islamophobia? Most recently why there’s a debate over the park 51 project or what people call the ground zero mosque?

Here’s few arguments I read in the media over the past months:

And by the way… project Park 51 is not about Mosque, it is a community center project that will be open for the whole community. Much like YMCA.

The distance – too close to the ground zero. How far away would be far enough? Two blocks (Manhattan block), it is nowhere near the actual ground zero, you can’t even see the ground zero from the purpose location or vice versa. Should Oklahoma City not have any churches (or, as pointed out in the post, buildings with affiliations to religious organizations) within two blocks of it?

Here’s another blog that cover this issue. Where do you put a Mosque,  and by the way there is already a mosque within 800 feet of ground zero. Also on the other ground zero (the Pentagon), Muslim have been praying there daily with no conflict.

The sensitivity of the issue. For some, the proximity isn’t the real issue. The controversy lies in this proposed centre being Muslim, if they were build another YMCA, this wouldn’t been an issue. Now why is that? Did America really blame Islam for 9-11? Is Islam really at fault and part of the terrorist? I understand that 9-11 is a tragedy. It affected the whole world. I myself was crying when it happen. Little did I know, one of my childhood friend die on that American Airline plane, but even before knowing that, my hearts goes for all the victim and condemn the people or the group behind it, but that wasn’t Islam.

Now if they don’t let this through because of the controversy of the base of the religion, then its anti-American, and anti-Constitutional. And it would be a disgrace. This also mean, no matter what American will always see Islam as a threat, as the bad person, the blame behind 9/11.

The building is part of the sacred ground. The building was occupied by Burlington Coat Factory and now, I just heard that a piece of metal coming from the place landed on this building and that makes it sacred. Is that mean some porn shop and strip club in that area that was damage by the debris is also sacred? The zoning committee obviously doesn’t think the area is part of the sacred ground. Otherwise they will code it.

Where they get the fund to build this place? Well first of all why should we care? Oh wait… We do care because it’s a Muslim center!!! We need to know because everything related to Islam most likely to receive funds from the terrorist! Isn’t it what’s in everybody’s mind? If people will always make that kind of ridiculous connection then think about this, next time you ate at German restaurant, you also contribute to the Nazi, and when you buy a cookie at the Catholic Church bake sale that’s mean you also funding the cover up act of the priest in their pedophile case.

FYI, just for the argument sake, the man who apparently funded the Park51 Project is the Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. He is also the second largest shareholder in Fox News. Oh NO!!! Should we closed down Fox News as well???? Is kinda “funny” Fox News is the main media that stir up this nonsense, just few days ago, our lovely own, Glen Beck thinks that the mosque should be banned from the area because of its questionable funding but now we know that same man who is funding the mosque is funding Beck’s paycheck …hmm… I wonder if he start questioning his own paycheck now?

Still speaking of Glen Beck, he claim that that a mosque anywhere near Ground Zero would be terribly offensive to the 9/11 victims’ families, you know because all Muslim is terrorist and all…. But did he forget what he said on his own program few years ago? He said he “hates” the 9/11 families. And that he is “so sick of them.” That they should just “shut up” because they are “always complaining.” Wow… speaking of being insensitive!


No matter how you look at it, the whole argument – whatever it is – lies of the basic fact that this center is for Muslim. It depends who you think was behind the 9/11 attack. Islam was first to blame for Oklahoma attack. It was American very own Tim McVeigh – A Christian Irish American.

I can’t help but think some of this negativity is based on ignorance, majority American don’t really know the real Islam, I have one client that was surprise to know I’m a Muslim. This is what he said “Wow, you don’t act like one.” Umm… How does one suppose to act? Carrying a weapon and wrap my head in a turban? Or since I’m a woman, I should cover my whole face and body with just little peep hole?

The Park51 Project is actually trying to heal wounds, spread a true form of Islam and reach out to everyone in the community. Somehow I think they are failing in that endeavor just before it even started. I fear that this project will only trigger more bigotry and hatred towards Islam.  The proof is already in the making, this debate is one proof and also the Muslim cab driver that was stabbed in NY, and there’s Pastor Jones of Dove World Outreach Center – a peaceful organization they say – who will be hosting an International Burning Quran day on 9/11.

Need I remind people that there are Muslim who also dies in 9/11. There are Muslim dies all over the world fighting terrorism. There are Muslim in US Army who is fighting to take down Al-Qaeda. We are in this war together.

Based on this argument it seems like the war on terrorism is a losing caused … the soldier fighting, sacrificing their life to help the Iraqi and Afghan citizen so they can have freedom, yeah… they can come to America the land of freedom, ups … just not in lower Manhattan.  

Somewhere out there a group of terrorist smiling a victory smile… this debate just proof that America is failing at protecting their basic fundamental of freedom. Isn’t it exactly what the terrorist want? And the American people just give it to them in a silver platter…

For more opinion, you can read this as well.

Everybody entitle to their own opinion, whatever it is, it’s depend on who do you think behind the 9/11 attack. This is my opinion.