Um.. do I really have to answer the question?

Right after high school my parents sent me for College in Sydney Australia. It was the best 3.5 yrs of my life! Yeah.. it was rough saying bye to my (then) bf, but as soon as I see Bondi beach man I feel right at home! I have so many stories to tell the good and the bad (mostly good) throughout my experience living and going to school there. Here’s one of them:

During summer everybody got a part time job, the idea of working during summer vacation is foreign to me. It’s really not a common thing back home, but since all of my friends seem to be doing it so I wanted to give it a try. My professor hooks me up with local English school and got me a part time job as their receptionist.

Sydney (Bondi Junction) really is crawling with foreign students from around the world especially their English school. It was my 3rd day on the job and I was having fun. Around mid afternoon we’re expecting an arrival of 2 new students from Korea.  As they arrive, I greet them and give them some basic data questioner to filled out and my co-worker took their password and make copy.  And there I was trying to help them filling out the questionnaire.

They are both shy and quiet and didn’t say much but then the boy ask me on question # 3 which is “Sex” he ask me if they need to answer that. I told them yes – note: this is 15 yrs ago and I have no idea on the privacy law of Australia all I know if the questions are there you need to answer it. He still looks confused and gave me a blank look. So I tried my best to explain that it’s mean gender.. boy or girl.. male or female. They speak very limited English and mine was far from perfect as well so just imagine how our conversation goes that afternoon.

He then “consults” with the girl and they talk back and forth in their language. Again he looks at me and asks “must answer?”  I said “Yes, please.” Again talk with the girl and then I notice the girl face turn so red and keep on looking at the floor try to avoid eye contact with me.

He handed out the form and when I look at their answer to #3 I try so hard not to laugh. Both of their answer to questions # 3 Sex is: Three times/week.


Just another day….

I was getting ready, if you thought it’ll be safe to be half naked in front of your 16 month old, think again! I try to put on makeup while I let the baby brush her teeth in the sink, then I notice that she was staring at me my nipple and tilt her head as if she examine it, finally she try to touch it! NOPE!

After I get dressed, trying to fit into my Capri jeans and walk in my 5 yrs old. “Mommy, your tummy is coming out, I think the pants is too small.” It’s not too small it’s just a bit snug – yeah I wish. Then she continue, “How come you have a big tummy? The baby is already out?” You know, she ask me this before and I swear I should’ve limit her to one questions per topic per life is allowed! And of course I can’t remember what my answer was that day… so trying to be a good parents I explain to her that mommy is lack of exercise and don’t always eat healthy. That’s why she need to exercise and eat healthy. She said “Ok.” Then off she goes.

 Finish dressing up and get the baby ready, went back to the bathroom look for a perfume, almost run out of everything, Anniversary is approaching maybe I can ask my husband to get me a new bottle so I went downstairs and told my husband while holding the perfume bottle, “Honey I need more Pleasure, you need to give me Pleasure.” His respond “Oh yeah baby come to daddy…”

The story of Sebastian the crab

Tien posted the recipe for chilli crabs and I’ve been dyin to try it! So I’ve been on a quest (in my limited time) going to one grocery store to the next trying to find Dungeness crab or blue crab. Regular grocery store in CO doesn’t really carry them on normal basis – yeah shocking! The asian market is almost a sure bet to have them but it’s 45 minutes away.

Finally, just a day before my family from WI came over I went to the Asian store and saw those little crabs in a huge bucket and they’re on sale! One drawback – at least for me – it’s all alive! I don’t have the guts to kill them! I ask the store clerk if they can maybe put them to “sleep” for me cause I’m too scared. After the guy finish laughing he told me they don’t have any steamer or boiling water to do so and that by the time I get home they should all be dead. Hmm.. reassuring.

But my willingness to cook it and serve it to my hubby and the family overcome my fear and I bought 4 huge one. Well, at least I thought it will overcome my fear, it didn’t. Those suckers are still alive by the time I get home! So I sat down and research the internet on how to put them to “sleep” in the most humane way. Finally a friend told me that if I put them in the freezer for just 30 seconds it should kinda numb them so that when we “prepare” them they won’t feel a thing. Okay.. that sound humane – right?

So, finally I get myself mentally ready to do this. I made all the preparation and then I put them all on the kitchen table. At the same time my Tyra came down the stairs and squeals in delight.. “Mommy you got me a pet!!!! Thank you Mommy Thank you!!! Ok, this is Sebastian the crab, this is Ouya, this is ……” Her voice just slowly disappear from my head…  Now, how do I tell them that they are not pets and that they’re actually dinner for tomorrow?

The 80’s call – they want their Smurf back!!

Love the Smurf! I grew up reading the comics and watch the cartoons. I was super excited when I heard they were making the movie. I immediately share my excitement with the family and…. …cricket… cricket…. “who mama?” “Smurf? What is that?” “Not Phineas & Ferb?”

OMG, I guess Smurf is not as popular today as it was? On one event in Downtown Denver, they were promoting the movie and I shows Tyra the character such as Papa Smurf and Smurfin…. She look at me funny and finally told me “If you want to see the movie so bad, I’ll go with you.”

Why Sendie-Lou should go on diet

After swimming, I did the laundy of all the wet swimming clothes and towel and I notice these cutes little swimming trunks

Here’s Kalia

Kalia Swimming trunks

Here’s Tyra:

Tyra swimming trunk

And my niece

Joey's trunk

Then, a horrible sight!!!!

Sendie-Lou swimming trunk

Look at this!!!

All together

And I wonder why my swimming trunk (literaly a trunk!!) cost $109.00 and the girls only around $20!!! OY!!

Worse hairday ever!

That coukd've been me!

Having my niece stay with us this summer kinda get me going about changing my style. Who’s better than a teenager to teach you more about style? So secretly, I’ve been trying to change my hairstyle. Yes secretly. I’m not one who spends too much time on appearance so even the idea of me trying will get the biggest laugh out of my husband. Thank God I’m just naturally beautiful.. ahem! NOT! 🙂

 After 30 minutes of trying different style, using some gels, spray I can find in my bathroom closet,  I give up. I’m just not that person who can do such thing. I hardly use my hair dryer! Who am I kidding. So.. I went downstairs to find my living room in chaos and my 5 yrs old looking at me funny “what’s up with your hair Mommy?” umm…  Then Pharmacy call I need to pick up my prescription. Off I went with my 5 year old cause she’s begging to come with me.

I feel like I’m having such a bad hairday (well duh!) and it change my mood to the worse! At the pharmacy’s, my Tyra somehow in a whinny mood that day… “can I do this, can I do that, can I have this… ?” I already got a headache from all the foam and hairspray – which probably expires cause it’s just sitting my closet for years! –  and now this. I just want to pick up my meds and go home.

 At the checkout point the cashier out of the blue just said to me “Wow you look like Monica Lewinsky! Are you guys related?” Excuse me??? I look 100% Asian and no, I don’t think I look like Ms. BJ at ALL! But how can I be rude to her, here’s a cute little blonde – that should be the cue – look at me with amazement. I just shortly said “No, we’re not related.” She must’ve sense me being upset and she try to clear it by saying “oh.. sorry, I just think you look pretty.” I pay the meds and mumble thank you and left.

 I grab my child by the hand refuse to buy her another pillow pets and put her in the car…  and here’s Tyra. “Why are you upset Mommy? The lady is right, I think you’re pretty.” Oh…. My heart just melt… Thank you Tyra! “But mommy, I do think you need to lose weight.” OY! And you want to know why I’m upset??

I look NOTHING like her

It is summer when…

1. I need to bring light jacket to work cause they blast the AC to match the temperature of the north pole!
2. Grocery store looking prettier with all those summer flowers they sell in front of the store.
3. Water melons are on sale!
4. Malls are full with teenagers hangin out.
5. Flip flops are on sale!
6. The smells of BBQ are in the air – especially during weekend.
7. Community pools are open and busy!
8. The cold are out and allergy seasons are in.
9. Corns are on sale!
10. I have excuses to relax at the spa getting manicure done on weekly basis.

Happy Summer y’all!!!!

My last post until next month….

My dear – dear friends… I’m leaving tomorrow for a vacation to my home country. So weird that I’m going home for a vacation! I’m all pack and ready to go. Everybody is just as anxious as me and my husbands. I’m actually looking forward for those long flight hours and going from one airport to the next. My guess is I’ll be too busy to have time to write.. as much as I love to share with you my experience but it’ll have to wait until I get back.

In the mean time, enjoy your Spring time as I will enjoy mine getting a message, soaking in the sun right by the beach in a cabana! I’ll probably embarrassed myself by moaning uncontrollably.

Jakarta via Wikipedia - This is where I'll be!

Here’s my story…

Weekend Story

Weekend was crazy as usual. We have family came to visit from WI and they went back home Saturday. Saturday was so gorgeous here in Denver. We were blessed with 80 degree weather but with a nice breeze. I expected friends will go volleyball and I was right around 11am I received several text: “Volley Ball today @ 2pm. Bring meat so we can grill for dinner.”

I haven’t play since high school and normally I have my baby with me so I have to watch her anyway and my husband will play. I have no excuses this time cause I have no kids with me so they force me to play.

Oh, this remind me.. few Volley Ball 101 for dummies – like me!

  1. Don’t play Volley Ball after you’re getting a manicure!
  2. You should warm up first – especially when you haven’t play in 15 yrs!
  3. Dress appropriately, you don’t have to show your big tummy to everybody when you try to hit the ball!
  4. Run towards the ball not AWAY from it!
  5. And if you insist of playing (even after 15 yrs) please remember to rest first before you join the kids on Wii dancing competition. Or you’ll wake up with double sore in every inches of your body!

(early) Birthday Bash

My birthday not till mid-April. I’ll be  21 this year – hush! I’ve been 21 for 13 years, this works!

My co-worker surprise me today with a little early birthday bash. There’s cheese cake with candle, card, and they even sings! How sweet! After we sing, some beg for me to take them with me to Indonesia. Hey.. I’ll take anyone who want to come.

That truly was a sweet gesture of my co-worker… but I’m looking forward for my real birthday bash in Indonesia next week!

Random thought

I have relative that lives in Osaka Japan. They are okay, reading their email give me a complete different perspective on Japanese. Time if tough she said. Limited food supply and there’s power limitation throughout the night. But all Citizen have a complete faith in their government that they will do everything the best possible way they can to bring Japan back. That faith that the Japanese have towards their leader and their government truly touch my heart. She also convince me that everything is not as bad as what the western media has reported and portrayed. Yes the devastations is  unimaginable, but the Japanese hold on together. One thing we have to remember Japanese just like most of Asian culture aren’t very good at communicating. It doesn’t mean they are not doing anything. They are but they’re much better at actions then words. See the opposite? But no words can be taken as nothing get done.

 In my perspective, The Japanese is setting standards on how to recover from a national catastrophe. It’s citizens aren’t sitting around waiting for someone to come to their rescue or waiting for government handouts. (Most) of Western individuality is fine when times are good, but the “me and only me” mindset fails in disasters that require an “us” attitude. Just look at  the difference between this and Katrina. No looting, people waiting patiently in line for hours to buy gas and food. I’m in awe every time I see it.

I’m very fortunate that I have visited Japan and see it at it best. Unique! It’s the words comes to mind how to describe my experience. Have you watch Black Eyed Peas  video of “I Can’t get enough.”? That video truly capture the modern essence of Japan – at least Tokyo. I attach it here. I hope you enjoy it.

Until next time!

Oy to the questions!

I’m sure you know that kids can say, ask and act the darnest things. My daughters included.  This is when I learned you have to be very careful of what you said in front of her or she’ll copy you.

I first learned that when I accidently drop something into toilet bowl and she said “Mommy what the hell?” with a very concern voice, she was only 2 yrs old. Seriously, I don’t know where she got that from (ahem) I try so hard not to laugh and explain to her that we don’t say that H word in the house.  Later on that day, I told my husband the story and instead of concern he was proud that his daughter actually said it in the right context. Oh dear.

Although that is the last times she use the H word but that wasn’t the last time she did or said something that makes me crunch my eyebrow – is that even an expression?

Her questions range from a serious one like why does Grandma WI speak different language and scream all the time (It’s a Hmong thing – I’m guessing) to a silly one like why does mommy have a big tummy to how come daddy doesn’t have long hair like Breezy’s (her best friend) dad.

To sum up, she was listening to my iphone and singing and dancing to Brittney Spears. “I’m not that innocence!” Oy!

In all fairness I becoming more and more “not innocence” too since I become a mother. I lie a lot! But in all seriousness will you tell the truth when your 5 yrs old ask you what does Lady Gaga mean when she sings “I wanna ride in your disco sticks” ?

I better do some parents control on my iphone/ipod. Any suggestion?

Diva in Training