My story of full moon….

Thursday and Friday last week we all are privilege to have a view of blue moon. I thought it was cool that blue moon appear at the same time for Neil Armstrong memorial. Just as his family requested, to pay my respect, I did look at the moon and wink.

 My husband took us drive around the city that night to enjoy the beautiful night and the view of the moon. The night was gorgeous. I don’t want to spoil the night by feeling sad. I did cry silently in the car remembering how much my dad loves full moon. Back home in Indonesia, we are blessed with a huge yard, so during full moon my dad and my mom will sit on the yard, with the lawn lights off just enjoying the moonlight and talk. Didn’t I tell you they were hopeless romantic? That memory brought smile and tears at the same time.

 Wanna know something weird, I swear as I keep on looking at the moon, it seems like my dad face came up and smile at me. I feel his warmth, his love and his “message” that all will be okay.

 Maybe I just miss him so much that I started interpreting things around me all associate with him… or maybe I’m losing it…  it didn’t matter, I remember looking at, smile, tell him how much I miss him and I said a prayer for him. That night for the 1st time in over months I sleep well….

Beautiful full moon above Denver. My dad is looking down smiling on us.. 🙂