Waiting till sundown…

Today is the 17th day of Ramadan – meaning 17 days of fasting for Muslim. I’ve been fasting since the 3rd day of Ramadan. And so far everything is good. The 1st week I have lower energy than usual and not having my morning coffee is a huge adjustment to my routine. Other than that it’s all good.

I also learned that between 2 – 4 pm is usually the worst time of the day. That’s when my hunger and thirst reach its peak and of course, it’s mostly the busiest time at work as well so I struggle a bit during that time.

I’m not going to lie, fasting is hard, there are times I feel like “forget this, I’m going to eat something!” but that’s just my temptation talking, so far I can suppress that feeling and stay fasting till the end of the day.

Yesterday I have to do several errands before headed home, it was very hot yesterday and I feel like I can use a big gulp of soda. Then as I stop on the red light, there’s a homeless guy holding a sign asking for help. There’s a few of unopened bottle of water in my car and also a box sandwich that I took home from meeting cause I can’t eat it due to fasting, I offer it to him and he graciously took it. He immediately opens the water and just gulps it as if he hadn’t drink in a while and maybe he hasn’t.

As I drove off he keep on thanking me and there’s a look on his face that I can’t never forget, such gratitude that shows. At that time it hits me, one of the reason for Ramadan is for us to be more compassion towards the unfortunate one. Through fasting, we all experiences hunger and thirst, and will sympathizes more with those in the world who have little to eat and drink every day.

During fasting, no matter how thirsty I am I couldn’t just buy a drink and drink it or just grab any food and eat it. No, you have to wait till sundown before you can eat and drink. Fast food places and restaurant and convenient store are all around me but I couldn’t just stop and grab something. It’s just like that guy at the intersection. No matter how thirsty and or hungry he is, he couldn’t just go there and grab something. At least I only have to wait until sundown, who knows how long he has to wait until he has his “sundown”.

At least I only have to wait until sundown….. I need to remember that feeling, that look on that guy’s face as he gulp the drink.. this feelings and lessons that I experience should stay with me throughout the year.

To all: May Allah accept our fasting, forgive our sins, and guide us all to the Straight Path. May Allah bless us all during Ramadan, and throughout the year, with His forgiveness and mercy, and bring us peace and all closer to Him and to each other. Amien.

We run wild!!!

Well.. what do you know… Monday crept up on us again. I woke up still feeling so sore after Friday and it’s time to go back to work.

So we started running… then walking … the crawling.. Whatever it takes to get to the finish line! Ha! All is well though, Mother Nature love me that afternoon, the day started very hot but just shortly before the marathon start, the cloud moving in and there’s the breeze, so it was actually a beautiful afternoon. LOVE IT!!!

We have an amazing turn out and some of my friends were there to join me and support me. It is also followed by my company’s family picnic and a self private tour to Denver Zoo. What a great way to spend your weekend. On top of that, over 1000 runners (or crawlers like me) join the marathon and all of the buckets are filled with underwear donations. We

Thank you for the amazing support, could’ve done it without you all!! Here’s the report from Underwearness : We were successful in collecting more than 1,000 pairs of underwear and raising more than $15,000. The results of this event will allow UNDERWEARNESS, Inc. to give more than 10,000 pairs of new underwear to kids in need; not only in the Denver community but across the nation.

By the way guys.. look at the result, you’ll see my name on it! 🙂


Underwearness – helping children one pair at time!

Let’s drop our drawer and run wild!

I will (attempt) to run a 5K marathon tomorrow to support this awesome non profit group to support their mission.

Most of the time in life, when we think of helps, we only thought of their basic necessity, and there is nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all! Then I was introduced to Underwearness. It just puzzle me that there are other things that people and kids are needing and it’s beyond just food, water & shelter. This is the beauty of living here in America. There are so many wonderful organization out there that think outside the box.

I’m proud to support and to introduce you with Underwearness:

The founders of UNDERWEARNESS are young professionals who regularly count their many blessings in life. When it came to their attention that some children do not have underwear — clean or otherwise — it was decided that that wasn’t acceptable. Using each of the founder’s talents, the organization was formed to “Help children one pair at a time.”

Now.. go through their website, hear their amazing stories and see what you can do to help. One pair at time. And most of all, wish me luck tomorrow!!!! I just hope I made it through the whole 5 K without any drama or fainted, I will feel so sorry to the paramedics that respond to the call! 🙂

Thanks for visiting!

Children of the world…

I manage to survive the 1st week without my children. It’s hard!!!!!  It’s like the first 5 years of my marriage life. Still in honeymoon phase, having fun. I don’t have to cook every day, we can eat out, go out with friends…. But this time I feel miserable. I miss my baby smells, I miss Tyra (smart alec) questions …. I miss everything about them.

Comes to think I almost didn’t want to have any kids at all. Not that I don’t like children, I do and I want to have one, but living in Indonesia where the gap between wealth and poverty is huge I always wanted to adopt. That has always been my passion. Especially when you drive down in Jakarta Street and you see 5 year old children in the street selling news paper and snack…  working when they should be having a fun and carefree childhood.

When you see children where their childhood were rob by poverty when kids can’t afford to go school and have to work first so they can’t pay tuitions – there was no free schooling back then. When you witness all these growing up, I think it’s either makes your cold (so you don’t feel anything) or makes you want to give up everything to help.

I remember my parents always do two parties for our birthday, one with the family and one at the orphanage. We bring food and gift for them. I can still remember the excitement on their face. At first I think I was only 6 yrs old. I ask my mom why are they so happy to see us, how can they bee so happy and appreciative with simple things we gave them? That’s when I learned to appreciate even the smallest thing that was given to me. That’s when I start learning never to take anything for granted.

Unfortunately, my husband is still haven’t grasp my passion on adoptions. He is just as loving and giving as a person can be, but the thought on adopting is still very foreign and strange in his mind. And I won’t force him. This is something that a couple should be able to come to a mutual decision. Bringing a child into this world – whether your own or adopting is a very big decision and even the intention is good, but without mutual commitment the result could be bad and it is not fair for the child.

Few years ago with the help of my parents I create a foundation in Indonesia to help out children. It just a small family foundation. Our intention is to help neighborhood children on their basic necessity. So far I’ve been blessed that I have family that able to support me on this and do the leg work for me.  On our trip back home in 3 weeks, that will be the first time I will actually come and see the result with my own eyes. I hope I can share good news on this after I get back.

Cheers, Sendie-Lou.

Valentine’s nibble & sips…

My husband and I were actually on a date! Well, sort of, attend an annual charity gala dinner at Hyatt Hotel to support our charity organization Inter-faith Community. It’s a beautiful night and the event was hosted at Hyatt Hotel DTC. The VIP pre-reception was at the 12th floor and the view is just amazing. Here is our table at the VIP pre-reception event.

Nibble & Sips 2011

This is the evening to raised money to prevent  and awareness of hunger and homeless in Colorado. As some of you know, I’ve been a huge supporter of Inter-faith community Services. It’s not a huge national organization, but it’s big enough for their activity to make a different in local area. Neighbors helping neighbors is their slogan.

Nibble & Sips 2011

The main ball room was set up so beautifully with tons of silent auctions items for us to bid – unfortunately I didn’t win any this year. We did last year but we were out bid by a lot of people on all items we were bidding. There’s always next year.

Food at Nibble & Sips 2011

Tidbit: Did you know that there are NEW 798 family requesting help to Inter-Faith last year. That is a lot of numbers. More reason why we should be more aware of our community. Start small then you can slowly help make a different.

The event was Nibble & Sips, as we go though silent auctions items we can sample wine and food from local winery and local restaurant. There are this one bottle of Cherry Wine that I absolutely fall in love, it’s very rare and quite expensive but my husband getting it as gift for me.. yay! Some of the proceeds of every item we purchase that night will go towards Inter-Faith. So it’s for a good caused.. 🙂

Nibble & Sips 2011

It’s a beautiful night to spend on a beautiful caused. Valentine’s is about love, and love is not just for your family and significant others, but also to each other, to our neighbors, our surrounding, our community.

On a personal note: My daughter is into Valentine’s now… she can’t wait for it as if she’s waiting for Santa on Christmas day. She don’t know much about valentine’s day and if you ask her what’s valentine is she’ll tell you “It’s a Pink day and pink is my favorite color!” so there you have it.

I woke up this morning to see three roses arrangement from my husband to me, Tyra and Kalia. Each of us receive a roses from him…  as for him, on Saturday night I put on a very nice satin pajama, it’s pink with tulip (his favorite flower) motive on it.  Wink.. wink… 🙂

Happy Valentine’s day everybody.