Happy Mother’s day!!

 First day of winter in the US and Mother’s day in Indonesia. Yup December 22nd is Indonesian Mother’s day. I actually forgot all about it until I came home and Tyra & my husband surprise me with a “Happy Indonesian Mother’s day” wishes – yes, Tyra have to put the Indonesian word in it. 🙂

Then add to my surprise, my Mom & my Dad both sent me a very beautiful mother’s day wishes.

For my dearest daughterI

wish you patience in time of hardship, smiles when your heart is crying. Be silent when others is not. Keep on forgive, keep on loving to even those who hates, keep on giving without expecting anything back. Always be thankful for every blessing and hardship – hardship is the unknown blessing to us.

Even when I’m far away, please remember that my love and my prayers is always be with you.

I thought it was a very sweet wishes and I miss her terribly. I cry when I got it yesterday and miss her even more. I found this picture on the internet and the flower remind me of her.

So for all mother’s out there, Happy Mother’s day!!! We are so special that we can celebrate this day twice! – het at least I am! 🙂

Oh.. before I go, I want to share a picture taken this morning during our little winter storm here in Denver. I think it’s beautiful I wanted to share it with you guys.

1st day of winter 2011 storm



Lately, I haven’t been feeling much of anything. I got so caught up in the routine that I have become so passive.

The motivation is just not there. It’s bad and I know it’s bad but man I got so lazy that I just ignore it.

Then my sister emails me a news clip from Indonesian newspaper.  The newspaper reporter went to a very remote area in Indonesia and snaps a picture of local kids on their way to school.

It breaks my heart and put me to shame. These kids have to walk 6 K to school one way also have to cross this “bridge” with the risk of falling into the river. They endure all that for school, to better educate themselves, to better their life and their future.

Judge by their uniform, these are elementary students, so they can’t be more than 12 years old.

Here I am, living a very convince life and still complaining. I realize that when things get tough instead of fighting I curl and just wish it to go away. Instead of working harder try to make it better I makes zillion of excuses to feel sorry about myself and act like a victim.

I vow to make changes in my life and instead of lay down and dreaming to actually wake up and work to make it come true.  

Taken from Kompas.com

My travel diary: Indonesia – Pictures from Indonesia

I hope there are better words for me to describe my going home-vacation experience. I don’t know if I can ever put in the right words to explain how I feel being home, being among family. Seeing my dad & my sisters and others family member that I haven’t seen in a long time.

I can’t. There too many memories all with mixed feelings – all good – but mostly melancholy cause I miss them so much.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoy sharing them with you all.

As we’re approaching to land in Jakarta – finally I’m home!


This is the face that my baby gave me at the airport. I think she’s mad cause I “leave” her for such a long time.


The housing complex right by my parents house.My parents have a swimming pool so we swam almost everyday.


Swimming almost everyday

My parents have a papaya tree and (almost) every morning, Tyra would ask the gardener to pick her one. She didn’t like papaya that much, she just love watching him climb the tree!

Tyra & her papaya.With some of my beloved family.


With some of my beloved family.


The view from my parent’s mountain house.


My husband having fun at the fish pond.


My bedroom in Jakarta - how I miss it


Before flying to Medan


When Tyra was born, my parents got her a horse named Chloe. It’s only natural she loves horses and good at riding it.


Kota Tua (Old City) Jakarta

Our visit is also coinciding with Kartini Day. Kartini is woman hero for Indonesia. We went to local kindergarten and see kids dress up in variety of Indonesia local traditional outfit. I used to participate every year!


Swimming with grandpa - my 2 spoils brats!


My parents throw a 1st birthday bash for Kalia at a restaurant. We have over 200 people in attendance it was crazy. They have MC and everything. Love my parents to death!


Went on a safari


Tyra posing with picture of me when I was her age.


At the airport before we leaves. Good Bye – see you all soon!!!

 I hope you all enjoy the picture!! I hope I can share a bit of my love of Indonesia and my family.

Cheers, Sendie


My travel diary: Welcome to Colorful Colorado!

I inherit my love for travel from my parents. My dad is a business man and he travel a lot all over the world and he always take us with him. I’m so used to being on a place for 20 hours and as crazy as this sounds, the smells of airport is oddly so familiar and comfort me. Maybe that’s pushing it! I consider myself very lucky to have parents that believe in exposing us to all different places in the world to enrich our experience from very early on.

I’m very glad that I’m married to someone who share the love of traveling and we will pass that on to our child as well. Between my husband and I, we’ve explore most of Colorado and I’m glad I can took my family on a trip to show this beautiful state when they come to visit.

Here is some picture I took during our road trip with family around Colorado and surrounding. I apologize in advance that all of these pictures were taken just using my simple camera and I’m not a fan of Photoshop – especially on nature (only on my face to remove the freckle and the zit. 🙂 )


My parents

Good Bye grandpa - until next time


More pictures coming up!!