Very blessed

I have been neglected this blog! The old ages excuses, busy with things…. 🙂

Little recap of what’s been happening (if you interested hehehe 🙂 )

We went to WI to see the family for thanksgiving. We had a great time! When we’re there we also drive around in Madison looking for area we’re thinking of moving into. As the times get closer, I get so excited over the idea of moving to WI and actually look forward to.

My husband finishes his student teaching and all of his students did a little farewell party for him. The school district where he teaches is one of the challenging school district. He was in for quite a surprise when he first started. At the beginning of the program he would come home mentally exhausted of his students’ conditions and their environment. He also faces a lot of challenge with their behavior and their parent’s lack of interest on their child! At the end, all the students gave him a well sent off and he told me some event cry and wrote him the most beautifully written thank you note. He just realize that his most difficult students is actually the one that he touches the most and have a hard time saying good bye to. He told me they are the reason why he became a teacher.

Tyra & Kalia…. Oh dear, where do I start? So many activities with so many accomplishments. One of my proudest moments is when Tyra’s awarded with an honor student the “Awesome Antelope” certificate and ‘Big Cheese” few weeks later. She went to Antelope Ridge and”Awesome Antelope” is an award they gave to their students to went and accomplished above and beyond academically. In Tyra case, she excels in Math! The certificate was given to her in a little ceremony with the principal.

Tyra is awsome Antelope


She’s also chosen to be the Big Cheese just few weeks later. Big Cheese is a stuffed mouse animal that the class has as “pet”.  Students that have good behavior and attitude are allowed to take it home for a week and wrote a journal on their activities. Tyra is so excited when she can be the Big Cheese and took him everywhere with her. At the end of the week the class also does a book on why Tyra is chosen to be the Big Cheese. It is so cute to see what her other classmate wrote about her.

December flew by too fast for me. As a tradition we also adopt a family for the holiday, this time we get a family with three boys! I always have a hard time shopping for boys so this particular tradition is a challenging one for me. It is all good though. I also took Tyra to do the shopping and pick up the toys and the clothes and also to pick up the wrapping paper. She kinda got disappointed because we can’t wrap them; it is part of the rule for Inter-Faith organization. But overall she has a great time and understands the meaning behind us adopting the family and I hope she see the important of it. I think she does, I gave her little gift over the weekend and she told me not to spend too much money on her because Santa will give her gift and I should save my money to give to other kids. Awww…..

I can’t recall any holiday that was not special, this is no different. One main special thing for me is how Tyra started to understand the importance of giving and sharing. She’s now know how to separate her old toys and clothes which one to keep for little sissy and which one for goodwill. I’m so proud of her!

This holiday we will also do things a bit differently this time. We will have what we call all day gathering and eating! Will start off with breakfast at one friend’s house; follow with lunch at another friend’s house and then dinner at another friend’s house. I’m in charged with the dinner together with the host. Then we’ll do Secret Santa for the kids, White Elephant for the adult. It will be fun!

And the next day, I got a very special gift from my work which is two tickets to Trans Siberian Orchestra at the Pepsi Center Box seat, with dinner included! I’m excited!!

As hard as some part of the year has been for me, as challenging as it is, yesterday, I look at the house with the chimney on, the stocking is full and presents from relative for the kids, I can say that I’ve been so blessed…. Very blessed indeed.

From my house to yours, Happy holiday!!

Happy Holiday

My first awards!

My first blogging award and I got two! VERSATILE BLOGGER & INCREDIBLY SWEET BLOGGER Awards!

I just can’t believe it. One of my fav blogger Diane from Simply Diane pass on that awards today and it truly made my day and sent me over the moon.  This must’ve been the feeling those actors have when they receive Oscar! Ha 🙂

In honor of Diane who nominate me, let me tell you a bit about Diane, you guys will love her blog! I first come across her post when she wrote about her son’s birthday and her story of his adoption. That story really touch my hearts and I just know I fall in love with her blog and I subscribe immediately. Day to day I look forward for her new post her story sometimes makes me feel like reading email from a good friend, a sister.. someone you really look up too. Diane also has featured on freshly pressed – not just once, twice – that I know of. Come and visit her blog I guarantee you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Back to the awards. I graciously and humbly accept these awards! Thank you Diane.

The rules in accepting these awards are as follows:

VERSATILE BLOGGER                                               INCREDIBLY SWEET BLOGGER

Link to person who gave you award                               Link to person who gave you award

List 7 random facts about yourself                                  Display Award

Pass award on to 15 new bloggers                                   List 5 truth about yourself

Let bloggers know they won                                             Pass award on to 5 bloggers

I have to tweak the rules a bit too, just because I don’t think I know 15 blogger. Sorry, I kinda the newbie here.  I will list 5 random facts about myself and I will choose 5 bloggers to pass on the awards to.

  1. I’m a very smart shopper. I believe most stuff is overpriced. I (Hardly) pay retail for anything. I know where to look and when to buy. Come to Denver and I’ll take you on a shopping journey with me.
  2. I’m a fat woman with attitude. I hate diet stuff! I hate diet sugar, diet soda, diet drinks.. I hate the taste of diet everything!
  3. I have to have rice at least once a day or my day just seems incomplete.
  4. I’m a hopeless romantic. Ask my husband.
  5. I don’t know how to write! Seriously. I look at blogging as my online diary – at first. Turn out that there’s more to blogging and I truly enjoy it. I’m still learning and I hope to get better at it.

I just love to receive these awards and love it more when I know I can pass it on. I have chosen 5 other blog that I enjoy reading, subscribe & visit often.  And in no particular order the awards goes to:

  1. Katybeth – My Odd Family. I first saw all the comment she left on Diane’s blog and her comment is FUNNY! Intrigue, I look up her blog and it is much funnier. She made me laugh till my cheek hurt! Not only that her blog is full on interesting information. I look forward to her El Morno everyday.
  2. MB – A Hmong Woman. Her stories just click with me. My husband is Hmong and I strive to learn everything I can about Hmong to educate myself and for a better understanding of the culture. MB gave me just that and more!
  3. Whatsayyou. I even haven’t got a change to add it to my blog roll! Whaysayyou left a comment in my blog few times and I visit her blog as well. And I love what I see or read! Her opinion on her life event is refreshing.
  4. Joymanifest. Her writing in infuse with Islamic point of view that I also share. When I’m in need of more spiritual reading and quote I went and check her blog. Her writing is very calming and educating.
  5. Last but of course not least. Paige Morgan – Slightly off balance. She claimed to be off balance but her willingness to admit it and write about it proof to us that she’s actually more balance than she think. I love reading her love affair with wine and how she turns our daily motherhood chaotic life in humor. It’s refreshing to know that we’re not in this alone. There are others who also share our story. Through Paige blog I discover Diane and from Diane to Katybeth and so on.. and so on….

Again, I’m very honor to accept these awards and what a privilege to have met such a wonderful blogger that I can call friends.

Keep writing!