Lately, I haven’t been feeling much of anything. I got so caught up in the routine that I have become so passive.

The motivation is just not there. It’s bad and I know it’s bad but man I got so lazy that I just ignore it.

Then my sister emails me a news clip from Indonesian newspaper.  The newspaper reporter went to a very remote area in Indonesia and snaps a picture of local kids on their way to school.

It breaks my heart and put me to shame. These kids have to walk 6 K to school one way also have to cross this “bridge” with the risk of falling into the river. They endure all that for school, to better educate themselves, to better their life and their future.

Judge by their uniform, these are elementary students, so they can’t be more than 12 years old.

Here I am, living a very convince life and still complaining. I realize that when things get tough instead of fighting I curl and just wish it to go away. Instead of working harder try to make it better I makes zillion of excuses to feel sorry about myself and act like a victim.

I vow to make changes in my life and instead of lay down and dreaming to actually wake up and work to make it come true.  

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  1. Wow–that picture is something!!! You are not a whiner or complainer. I have never ever felt that about you !!! But this picture sure put a lot into perspective for me also—-I take so much for granted. Thanks for the reminder that I need to not do that and be more grateful every day! Hugs.

  2. Good goals Sendi! However keep in mind that in some ways these children and their families may have easier, simpler lives that you do. Schleping kids to daycare, fighting traffic, working in an urban environment, cleaning, cooking, and managing a an American social calendar can zap the motivation right out you…..and you have to get it all done on American time…fast pace. Give yourself a break and permission to have a little wine and cheese.
    The picture is awesome…! Did I tell you people from different parts of Indonesian keep popping up in my life! Do you think this is a sign that Bali is in my future???

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