Never from Hallmark

I have two anniversaries, September 30th and August 4th. September is when my husband propose to me and we officiate our love in a exchange ceremony in Colorado Springs, 2 years later, we did a wedding in Indonesia on August 4th.

So today mark 11 years of me and my husband together. One of the best surprises in my life is my husband. I was just got back from Australia and started a new job and somehow “meet” him through a mutual friend. How we actually met is a very interesting story and I might write about it one day. But who knew I will meet someone across the globe that I will spend the rest of my life with.

We have about little over a year having a long distance relationship and his words that drawn me more and more to him. Never fails on any special day he will write me a poem or ever just a short message. Like this one, he wrote this as a thank you for surprising him on his birthday:

Thank you for making it all come true. My dreams were only in my mind until I met you. You have turn all my wishes into something real. Every second, every hour, every day, and every year, you have remind me of what happily ever after is. Again thank you for a wonderful cerebration to remember until next year!!! Love you now and forever, Always!!!

And let me tell you, he always wrote everything himself, never from Hallmark -nothing wrong with Hallmark by the way- it just feels a little bit more special when the words truly comes from the heart.

Today on our anniversary, he posted this on my facebook wall:

After all these years, so much and so many has happen between us. We fall and out of love so many times. So many tears, so much laughter has come between us for so long. And today, I still remember the first day I met you. That first moment becomes the seeds and stairs to my new world with you and I, us and we, always together and never apart. “Love is not finding someone you can live with; it’s finding someone you cannot live without.” You’re still with me, still my clown, still my shoulder, still my last song. Without you, never will be my morning and night. Lots of thanks for every moment you have been with me and I can’t wait for tomorrow when our life when our life will continue. Until Now and Forever, Always. Happy Anniversary.

And surprise me with the flowers deliver at my work. Aww.. don’t I got a keeper here or what!

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  1. So sweet! You definitely have a keeper!!! So happy for you and your hubby—marriage is not always an easy thing but you guys are proof that it takes hard work and perseverance and love and devotion. From what your husband writes you guys have it all. Thanks for sharing–made me teary!!! And Happy Anniversary!

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