Um.. do I really have to answer the question?

Right after high school my parents sent me for College in Sydney Australia. It was the best 3.5 yrs of my life! Yeah.. it was rough saying bye to my (then) bf, but as soon as I see Bondi beach man I feel right at home! I have so many stories to tell the good and the bad (mostly good) throughout my experience living and going to school there. Here’s one of them:

During summer everybody got a part time job, the idea of working during summer vacation is foreign to me. It’s really not a common thing back home, but since all of my friends seem to be doing it so I wanted to give it a try. My professor hooks me up with local English school and got me a part time job as their receptionist.

Sydney (Bondi Junction) really is crawling with foreign students from around the world especially their English school. It was my 3rd day on the job and I was having fun. Around mid afternoon we’re expecting an arrival of 2 new students from Korea.  As they arrive, I greet them and give them some basic data questioner to filled out and my co-worker took their password and make copy.  And there I was trying to help them filling out the questionnaire.

They are both shy and quiet and didn’t say much but then the boy ask me on question # 3 which is “Sex” he ask me if they need to answer that. I told them yes – note: this is 15 yrs ago and I have no idea on the privacy law of Australia all I know if the questions are there you need to answer it. He still looks confused and gave me a blank look. So I tried my best to explain that it’s mean gender.. boy or girl.. male or female. They speak very limited English and mine was far from perfect as well so just imagine how our conversation goes that afternoon.

He then “consults” with the girl and they talk back and forth in their language. Again he looks at me and asks “must answer?”  I said “Yes, please.” Again talk with the girl and then I notice the girl face turn so red and keep on looking at the floor try to avoid eye contact with me.

He handed out the form and when I look at their answer to #3 I try so hard not to laugh. Both of their answer to questions # 3 Sex is: Three times/week.


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    • Can you imagine what their first impression of Australia? Hmm.. I’m going to learn english in this country and they need to know my sex life? Hahaha.. It’s still give me smile each time I remember that day. 🙂

  1. Oh my goodness!!!! That is too funny!!!! And from what I found of Australians they really do not talk about their sex life like some Americans do—-it appeared to be a much more private matter so your poor Korean newbies were probably shocked to the core!!! How funny!!! You were so professional—how could you hold it together when you read that???? Oh my goodness!!! Still laughing!

    • To this day each time I remember this I’m still laughing. The worse part for me each time I saw a Korean that barely speak English this memory just came flashing thru! And it was very hard not too laugh that day. Really. Even my co-worker was rolling on the floor when she got back and I told her what just happen.

  2. LOL. That is why we all should use the word “Gender” instead of “Sex,” or include the choices for them to choose: male or female. That poor girl.

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