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Yesterday marked the 10th year of the 9/11 tragedy. I still remember what I was doing that day. I was off that day and after saying good bye to husband for work, I watch Golden Girls – Yes, I’m a fan of the Girls! 🙂  then my husband call told me to switch to the news. At that time it wasn’t sure of what happen yet, we know a plane crash the twin tower but not sure whether it was an accident or what.

Later on that day, the pieces started coming together and it sickens me. It was a very dark days for a lot of people including me. I was grieving for those who lost their life, I was grieving for those who left without a husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sisters… those who lose their family.

I also personally grieve in the name of my religion. A group of small minded people decide to do this in the name of religion, in the name of God. It angers me. I was angry for a long time and I’m still angry. To be honest for a long time I was so prejudice against people from Middle East thinking they have ruins my religion.

I have never ashamed to be a Muslim that even that day, but I was ashamed Islam connections to Middle East. I’m not sure why I took my anger out to Middle Eastern people I just do. Later on that same year when we celebrate EID, at the mosque after the prayer and the sermon that’s the first time I feel like I can let go of the anger.

All Muslim – the true Muslim – regardless of where we came from condemn this act of violence. Including Arabs and the rest of the Middle Easterner. They hate it as much as anybody with the right mind.

It hits me, I was no difference then the terrorist for having that small minded. I am no difference then bigots for being so prejudice towards Middle Easterner. I feel so ashamed. I guess I was so angry and somehow direct my angers towards Middle Easterner. I apologize for having such a small minded.

There were (and still are) so many anger towards Islam and us Muslim, there are so many hate and unanswered questions. I can honestly say I understand the feeling, I understand the anger and even the hate. However as times goes on, I also wish that people will see that 9/11 wasn’t the act of a true Muslim and bring the message of Islam. As times goes on I wish that people will and can see that even Muslim was hurt by this.

Instead of linger with anger and hate; I try to see the message behind this tragedy. It’s about life. How life is short and it can be taken anytime. As corny as this might sound, but really I am trying to live my life as humble as possible, forgive often and be grateful for everything I have.

Life really is too short, let’s makes it the best possible way, so by the time we end this chapter it will be a celebrations of life instead of memorial services.

Love always,


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  1. I took a world religions class my second year of college. I kind of knew what Islam is, but nothing in depth. We learned about Islam and I was thrown away. The teachings of the Qu’ran and the actions of Muslims I hear in the news are so contradictory. I was confused. When I made this comment to my professor, she agreed with me. She said that it’s some people who identify themselves as Muslims and use the words of the Qu’ran to justify their bad actions. And when this happens, we should be self-conscious about how we view Muslims.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Even I was confused! One of the earliest history of Islam is that the religion was born in the midle east to bring the people back to straight path. After Jesus die, His teaching got lost and people were strayed. It is also noted that the culture of Middle east are far from the teaching and that’s why most (major) religions were born there. I guess that’s why I directed my angers towards them. Because people confuse the two, their culture and Islam. Either way, I was so wrong for doing so.

  2. I think one of the truest things you said (among many) is that when we hate another person, or group of people we move to the side of the terrorists. The only thing that truly change people is recognizing in ourselves where we are “terrorist” and change ourselves. I could not be more American and was ass kicking mad that someone would commit such a beyond the beyond terrible act under the name of my God.. how killing innocent people would please God. I can not imagine how hard it must have been for the you and all Muslim people, good people, to see such an awful act committed in the name of their God.
    Wonderful reflection.

    • 9/11 is hard on everybody. Everybody was a victim – that’s how I feel. I’m not sure what Al-Qaeda are trying to accomplished and it’s something I will never understand. I just learned about the pool of honey and the 72 virgin when I move to US! I serach all over the Qur’an and never find anything about it, so those terrorist must’ve got tehir own version of the book! 🙂

  3. I could not have said it better than Katybeth did. I’ll just add that my neighbors at the time were Muslim and the wife stayed home from work and they kept their son home from school for a few days as precautions. Isn’t that sad? The husband came to our home later in the week and told us how very sorry they were for what had happened. They were great people and great neighbors. Their hearts were as broken as oura that day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sendie. ♥ Diane

    • One of my good neighbor just realized thatw e are Muslim about a year ago. I can’t remember what brought up the conversation but after we told them they paused for a second and I thought to myself ‘o’oh!!’ but then she look at me smile and said “I can’t believe how nice Muslim family can be and how normal.” It was a conbination between weird and funny. She never meet a Muslim before and ask a lot of questions and we’re still a very good neighbor until now. 🙂

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