Just another day….

I was getting ready, if you thought it’ll be safe to be half naked in front of your 16 month old, think again! I try to put on makeup while I let the baby brush her teeth in the sink, then I notice that she was staring at me my nipple and tilt her head as if she examine it, finally she try to touch it! NOPE!

After I get dressed, trying to fit into my Capri jeans and walk in my 5 yrs old. “Mommy, your tummy is coming out, I think the pants is too small.” It’s not too small it’s just a bit snug – yeah I wish. Then she continue, “How come you have a big tummy? The baby is already out?” You know, she ask me this before and I swear I should’ve limit her to one questions per topic per life is allowed! And of course I can’t remember what my answer was that day… so trying to be a good parents I explain to her that mommy is lack of exercise and don’t always eat healthy. That’s why she need to exercise and eat healthy. She said “Ok.” Then off she goes.

 Finish dressing up and get the baby ready, went back to the bathroom look for a perfume, almost run out of everything, Anniversary is approaching maybe I can ask my husband to get me a new bottle so I went downstairs and told my husband while holding the perfume bottle, “Honey I need more Pleasure, you need to give me Pleasure.” His respond “Oh yeah baby come to daddy…”


4 responses

  1. Ahahahaha! This made me laugh so hard!

    Kids are just fascinated with everything, especially things out of the usual. My daughters are always commenting how my breasts are bigger than theirs.

    And yes, every woman needs pleasure. Your husband’s response was priceless. Did he know you were referring to your perfume?

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