The story of Sebastian the crab

Tien posted the recipe for chilli crabs and I’ve been dyin to try it! So I’ve been on a quest (in my limited time) going to one grocery store to the next trying to find Dungeness crab or blue crab. Regular grocery store in CO doesn’t really carry them on normal basis – yeah shocking! The asian market is almost a sure bet to have them but it’s 45 minutes away.

Finally, just a day before my family from WI came over I went to the Asian store and saw those little crabs in a huge bucket and they’re on sale! One drawback – at least for me – it’s all alive! I don’t have the guts to kill them! I ask the store clerk if they can maybe put them to “sleep” for me cause I’m too scared. After the guy finish laughing he told me they don’t have any steamer or boiling water to do so and that by the time I get home they should all be dead. Hmm.. reassuring.

But my willingness to cook it and serve it to my hubby and the family overcome my fear and I bought 4 huge one. Well, at least I thought it will overcome my fear, it didn’t. Those suckers are still alive by the time I get home! So I sat down and research the internet on how to put them to “sleep” in the most humane way. Finally a friend told me that if I put them in the freezer for just 30 seconds it should kinda numb them so that when we “prepare” them they won’t feel a thing. Okay.. that sound humane – right?

So, finally I get myself mentally ready to do this. I made all the preparation and then I put them all on the kitchen table. At the same time my Tyra came down the stairs and squeals in delight.. “Mommy you got me a pet!!!! Thank you Mommy Thank you!!! Ok, this is Sebastian the crab, this is Ouya, this is ……” Her voice just slowly disappear from my head…  Now, how do I tell them that they are not pets and that they’re actually dinner for tomorrow?

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    • I did cook it! 3 of them die shortly and thank God Tyra is a sleep by that time so I cook all three but Sebastian. And the family love it!!! They were confused why I left one out, I was at work so I can’t tell the Sebastian story but my borther in law apparently just whack him and cook him.. hehehehe… by this time, Tyra is actually too occupied with her cousins to notice her per is gone.

  1. I can feel your pain after we suffered through the oysters. Ya know my friend, I think we should always keep Wood Allen’s Quote in mind.. “I want my food dead. Not sick, not wounded, dead.” –Woody Allen

    Regarding Sebastian? One day soon…she may remember…and then of-course…lie. When it comes to kids and spouses the truth is greatly overrated.

    Thinking of you and families…hang tough.

    • This exactly remind me of your oyster story! 🙂 I agree with Woody, I want my food dead! Yeah.. Tyra already ask me where Sebastian is and I did lie – kinda, I told her that Sebastian has serve his purpose and now back to where he’s belong. 🙂

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