Dragon Boat Festival

Two weekends ago, my husband with group of friends was racing at the Colorado Annual Dragon Boat Festival. We are no stranger to this festival. In 2008 I perform a traditional Indonesian baby shower at one of their stage of Gateway to Asia and in 2009 I also Mc for Indonesian group who perform at the main stage. Last year was the only year we didn’t participate because I just gave birth to Kalia and won’t commit to do anything under the heat.

Speaking of heat, on Sunday, the weather reach triple digit during our race. I personally wasn’t racing but cheering for the group requires some energy too! 🙂

This year was the first year for us to actually participate in the racing itself, and now I totally get it, it is so addicting! Before I was always wonder why on earth people want to race boat peddling in the middle of the heat! Now I get it, it’s actually fun and really get your adrenaline pumping!

On top of us racing there are another big story, let me tell you about it.  There are a lot of booth, vendors at the festival, they sells food, merchandise or just advertise their business. Lots of them are giving away free stuff. Close to our tent there’s a booth for American Family insurance and they give away sun screen and chap stick, I just would like a little sun screen that I thought it’ll be good to put in the diaper bag so I don’t have to carry a big bottle all the times. While I was in there the guy ask me to fill out an entry form to win a flat screen TV or a Bike, ok, I just do it no harm done. Last Friday I got a call and told me I actually won the TV!!!! YAY ME!!!!

The TV!! Ps, I don’t think Kalia is too happy to be posing right after she just woke up.

I will upload pictures soon and will post it here in this  blog, in the meantime, enjoy some pictures from Denver Post and a bit of explanation of the festival also taken from Denver post. And visit their website for more information!

The 11th annual Colorado Dragon Boat festival at Sloan’s Lake in Denver, with temperatures soaring into the triple digits. Dragon boat racing is over 2,000 years old and is steeped in Chinese tradition. At the festival there are two types of boats that were used this year. The Taiwan style boat aka Flag Catching boats, where boats race to capture a flag at the end. They race in pairs. The second style is the international standard Hong Kong style boat where three boats race against each other. There were 3 different divisions in each category. Also at the festival was live music and dance, cultural education, a marketplace and lots of vendors selling food and traditional wares.


2 responses

  1. WOW YOU!! Sounds like a great weekend-I love the boats and it seems you did super job as chief cheerer and contest enterer!

    The heat. We finally got a break but I can’t wait to whine about the cold!

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