Underwearness – helping children one pair at time!

Let’s drop our drawer and run wild!

I will (attempt) to run a 5K marathon tomorrow to support this awesome non profit group to support their mission.

Most of the time in life, when we think of helps, we only thought of their basic necessity, and there is nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all! Then I was introduced to Underwearness. It just puzzle me that there are other things that people and kids are needing and it’s beyond just food, water & shelter. This is the beauty of living here in America. There are so many wonderful organization out there that think outside the box.

I’m proud to support and to introduce you with Underwearness:

The founders of UNDERWEARNESS are young professionals who regularly count their many blessings in life. When it came to their attention that some children do not have underwear — clean or otherwise — it was decided that that wasn’t acceptable. Using each of the founder’s talents, the organization was formed to “Help children one pair at a time.”

Now.. go through their website, hear their amazing stories and see what you can do to help. One pair at time. And most of all, wish me luck tomorrow!!!! I just hope I made it through the whole 5 K without any drama or fainted, I will feel so sorry to the paramedics that respond to the call! 🙂

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  1. I love this! I really do!!! I am so cheering you on in this 5K from afar! And I am adding this to my charities to donate to, for sure!!! My church collects new undies on Undie Sunday that we take to the Native American reservation in Mission , South Dakota. When I spent a week there I gave out packs of undies to mamas and it was so eye opening to me to know that that was probably the only way their children would have new underwear. It is so sad to think that they have so little and that there are so many like them in our country. Thanks for the new charity to support and good luck! Let us know how you do!!!

    • Aww Beth Ann, thank you!!!! I figure this is the least I can do for the children and getting excersise at teh same time. It’s a win – win situation!!! 🙂 I will let you know how I do and what we all accomplished as a group. Thanks for your support!!

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