I’m a pretty positive person – most of the times. 🙂  – I normally can turn a bad situation around into a good one or if not, I will take the lesson then move on.

I just needed to vent somehow and hey, blogging is the most efficient way I know!! It is way cheaper than therapy. Well, friends too.. ha!

My post yesterday, by all mean was not meant to bad talk about family. I honestly respect my husband’s family. My in law despite few rocky roads has done wonderful things to us and I respect them as my in law, my children grandparents and my husband’s parents. Without them there won’t be my husband and there won’t be two little angels whom I adore.

There’s always bumping in the road and what happened yesterday was one of them. Yes, I was hurt, I was disappointed, but I have accepted the situation and move on. What happened yesterday will not change my respect for them. I will be more careful going forward but they will always have my respect and my children love.

As I drove home yesterday, there was this huge rainbow in front of me and its follows me until I reach home. It’s like the sky was smiling at me and at that time, I feel God presence somehow, I take it as God trying to tell me that everything will be okay.  


I seen a rainbow yesterday
But too many storms have come
Leaving a trace of not one God-given ray
Is it because my life is ten shades of grey
I pray all ten fade away
Seldem praise Him for the sunny days
And like His promise is true
Only my faith can undo
The many chances I blew
To bring my life to a new
Clear blue and unconditional skies
Have dried the tears from my eyes
No more lonely cries
My only bleedin’ hope is for the folk who can’t cope
With such an endurin’ pain that it keeps ’em in the pouring rain
Who’s to blame for shootin’caine into you’re own vein
What a shame you shoot and aim for someone else’s brain
You claim the insane and name this day in time
For fallin’ prey to crime
I say the system got you victim to your own mind
Dreams are hopeless aspirations
In hopes of comin’ true
Believe in yourself
The rest is up to me and you

TLC – Waterfalls