Fun to be ONE

We celebrate (for the 2nd time) Kalia’s 1st birthday last Saturday at our house. Friends and family came to celebrate our baby turning one. It was an afternoon filled with fun and laughter.

Birthday girl!

Overall the party was a success. Originaly I wanted to do Disney UP theme, I get the inspiration from The Tomkat studios – such a fun blog! So, I made the cake just like in the blog and I took the freebie for the menu & bottle label from KevinandAmanda. Another fun blog I follow for years to get inspiration. I’m not creative by all mean, but it’s fun to imagine to be one! 🙂

However, I got sick just a week before the party and it kinda messed up the whole planning. I couldn’t do a lot of things I originaly planned. I didn’t even get to shop until Wednesday before the party! Crazy! But all is well, I just change the theme from UP to Balloon. 🙂

The cake!

The dessert & appetizer table are combined into one and the table just surrounded with balloon. I have lollipos (looks like balloon) and I also made rice chrispy treat using pink marshmellow and shape them like balloon- this was a hits, they went flying out from the plate faster than a lose ballon! As for the appertizer I made eggroll, spinach dip & beef in the blanket. There’s also punch for drinks.

Desert & appertizer

I keep the dinner menu in similar tone – food with a stick 🙂 so the dinner is hot dogs kabab, shish kabab & chicken satay. Oh.. I also have salad and lo mein, and don’t forget rice!! 🙂 My friend was so nice that she actually made Kophia (Hmong chicken rice noodle soup) at my house when she arrive. Too bad, in all the fun I actually forgot to take pictures for the food! But it was so yummy and all went in a flash!

Just 3 days to pull this party and I was working too. I thought I coulnd’t pulled it off but I did, not by myself. Hubby help, friends came the day before to do all the balloons, my sister in law helps me preparing all the main entree (as sticking them in the stick.. :)) and she made the salad too! Also my dear friends, oh.. my dear friend, one friend came 2 hrs before the party, the house was in such chaos still! And she came with her family, grab the sponge and start doing dishes, moping the floor & even vacuum! What a friend!

The party went on with Games, Face painting and special goodie bags. It’s trully a fun evening. I can’t wait to plan another one for Tyra’s birthday this October! I can’t thank everyone enough, for the support, the love.. for everything!!! Kalia can feel it too, she’s beaming with happiness. That’s the main thing, this party is for her, not for me and not about me. Happy Birthday Kalia!!

Face Painting


Goodie Bags

Kalia having fun opening gifts

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  1. I want to have you do a party for ME!! It looked like such fun!!! I loved the UP theme —the cake was adorable and the birthday girl is too sweet!! Thanks for letting me have a glimpse of a great celebration!!! Loved it!

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