Today, tomorrow and always

 Kalia 1st birthday was actually on April 23rd, and we celebrate it with a big party in Indonesia at that time. It was a bit more hectic for me, I was on vacation, busy with tight vacation schedule, meeting family etc…  basically I don’t have time to be melancholy.

Last night (or morning) around 1 am, after I finally finish putting together a goodie bag, creating food label and stuff… I look at the birthday girl and big sister sleeping so peacefully. As always, they were holding each other.

I keep on kissing them and kissing them until finally the little one is up and mad.. 🙂

It seems like time here in Indonesia has its own life force I was astounded to realize how fast they grow, Tyra doesn’t look like a little cute toddler anymore, she’s grown to be a beautiful young girl who is very talkative, very curious about everything and very loving & caring. She always greets me at the door each afternoon with a dandelion in her hand as it’s a “fresh flower for mommy.”

Kalia, she’s 13.5 month now and as mobile as ever. She took her 1st steps few months back but didn’t really walk until 2 weeks ago. Now nothing can’t stop her. She went through everything, opening the pantry, try to get out of the doggie door and climbing up the stairs. She fell down few times but of course that doesn’t stop her. She’s growing. I can just imagine that soon she won’t be this cute little baby anymore and she’ll be a beautiful little girl, just as beautiful as her big sister and just as smart.

I am blessed … Looking at them sleeping, so beautiful, so peaceful… beautiful girls that so much like their mommy and their daddy and yet already form their own personality..

Where does times goes…  a year ago when Kalia was born feels like ages ago and 5 years ago when Tyra was born seems like an ancient history. Tomorrow is nearly here already! Today will be gone in a blink of an eye and it will be history.

So much story to tell on the girls.. on life… I kinda wish I have a blog when Tyra was born or when I was still living in Australia because I’m sure there are a lot of great fantastic stories that I’ve forgotten already.

Ah.. now I’m crying reminiscing  the oldies…  but looking forward for the future.. J as my husband always said to me on each of his notes, email or cards.. “today, tomorrow and always…”

they will always be my baby…

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I was looking back at pictures from 4 years ago and I just realized how much time has flown by. I try to cherish each and every day as much as I can because before I know it, our babies will be adults and ready to be on their own.

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