It’s Wednesday!!!

Hello!! This week went by super fast for me. Wednesday has crept up on me! I wake up this morning with a horror realization that it’s Wednesday!! That’s mean only 3 more days to Saturday. Now normally I’m very happy and can’t wait to see weekend, and this week is no different, but this Saturday is when we’ll be celebrating Kalia 1st birthday with friends & family here in Colorado.

Kidney infection has successfully taken me down almost all week last week. Yep, I was down sick with kidney infection, including fever and everything. Lovely! So it’s kinda throw off the whole party preparation. I can’t even do some shopping on the weekend cause I still feel a bit icky.

Party must go on and thank God for friends and sister in law. My friend will come Friday night to help me clean the house and do some decoration and my sister in law with my niece will arrive from WI also on Friday just in time to help me out. Yes..they will be helping me as well. Actually they have no idea they will be helping, see they thought they came to spend nice relaxing weekend with us and celebrate Kalia’s b-day party. Little did they know they will also do some dirty work as well. By time the figure it out it’ll be too late.. huahahaha… (evil laugh!!)

Aside from being sick and having panic attack for not having everything ready (not yet!), I’m very excited for this weekend. I prepare something special for my youngest diva and my guests… hopefully it’ll be a party they will remember. This will probably be the last party I throw in the house before we move out, that’s why I wanted something special.

Wish me luck and I will post pictures!!


4 responses

  1. I am sorry you have been sick! That always seems to happen when you have the most stuff going on! Good that friends and family can help pitch in and help you! Have a wonderful party—i am sure it is going to be fabulous!!!!

  2. Sendie! i know exactly how you feel! My li’un ‘s b’day is coming up pretty soon and every day my husband and I ask ourselves what else we’ve got to do hoping we haven’t forgotten everything. Even though it’s not really a party – just an open house, I feel like there’s just so much to be done and I can’t imagine falling ill right now, i’d toally freak out, so i can imagine how you must feel.
    It’s so good to have people around to help you and i’m sure your sister-in-law will be more than happy to muck in too.
    Like you i’ve been looking forward to this b’day. its his first and i’m more excited about it than I was about my birthday – how silly is that. But i thank God he’s healthy and doing well, there’s something special about first b’days.

    • It really doesn’t matter whther you’re planning on something big or small, there’s always seems so much to do! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who (always) feels that way. I’ll bet your lil one party will be fabulous!! I’m excited too for this party and Yes.. Amien for their health!! 🙂

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