One fine weekend

Weekend was a nice relaxing weekend. Too relaxing that we didn’t get that far ahead in term of finish packing and clean up the house. Oh well.. there’s always tomorrow – see that’s the kind of attitude that won’t get me too far ahead in anything! 🙂

We were supposed to go camping with friends last weekend, but because we just came back from a month vacation and (I think) my kalia is too small to be taken camping, we opted out. I’m sure I’ll hear story of what we missed any second now.

My friends were all so sweet though. Each year they go camping at Cedar Bluff Kansas, few of us thought it was too far and if it were closer we consider it, so they were trying to find a closer place so we could go, they were all brainstorm ideas of where to go and it’s funny too! One person suggests Bonnie Lake – but there’s an issue with snakes – Yikes! And then there’s Jackson Lake, but it’s known to be haunted. Great! At the end, we told them they should just go back to original plan and we’ll join next year.

In all honesty, I’m not much of a camper. My idea of camping is somewhere in the mountain inside Best Western. Ha.. 🙂 I’m a city girl! But I’m sure it’ll be fun and I ought to give it a tray one of these days. Last year, my excuses was I just gave birth, this year was just right after a long vacation.. I’m running out of excuses for next year! J/k… I really look forward to join this tradition next year. No, really! Once in a while even a city girl need to take a steps back to nature. Other than just eating a granola..

Overall, it was a very nice long weekend. We did a little cleaning. We took down the outdoor patio gazebo and pack some more stuff. I think one main reason husband and I kinda hesitate to do more packing is because it’s hard to actually move out. Sooner (or later) when we sell the place this won’t be an option and we have to move out. But right now we’re taking a good ol’ time and enjoying it.


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