The real housewife of Colorado

Yup, that’s me! My two kids are sick. I’m pretty sure it’s all from day care. It started with the oldest one coming home with a cough. We told her stay out from baby sister for a while, but the two are like twins that can’t be separated. They hold hands when they’re sleeping and hold each other – but truly it’s very cute and touching.

So, long story short the little one got sick too. They both have fever last Saturday and almost a nonstop coughing.  Then each take turn throwing up (from the coughing) on me and on the bed.. OY! Although they are much better in term of fever wise – they are still coughing and somehow they always choose to have the excessive cough and throw up at night. When it’s just me taking care of them – Daddy work at night btw.

So last night around 1:30am, after change them into new jammies, change myself twice and also the bed sheet and the blanket  – yes, twice – there I was lying in bed thinking how I still have to wake up early for 7:30 am meeting and work all day.

Once at the PTO and some “friends” makes comments on how we’re working mom are not real moms and real housewife because we spend too much time at work and how we don’t really raised our kids, are they on crack? See, I am the real housewife damnit!  Not the kinds that sit around do nothing but gossiping and spend money like those shows on Bravo TV. The real one that start their day early to pick up clothes for kids to wear, prepare breakfast and we work all day, then we come home cook for dinner and take care of the kids and stay up all night when they’re sick.  Work with them on homework.

I shouldn’t have extra time to think about those people. I barely have time for anything else. I’m writing this on my lunch break btw.. 🙂 Why did I post such negative posting? Well I need to let it out and blogging is cheaper than going to professionals. Ha! 🙂

So sorry for this negative post. Obviously I’m overly tired and still bitter.

4 responses

  1. It’s so hurtful when people say children will be bad because their mothers work. That’s unfair. One could be a stay at home mother and still have a highly dysfunctional child.
    Keep your head up hon. You’re special and I’m sure you’re a good mother and your children will appreciate you when they are older.
    I pray they get better soon

    • It is very hurtful Just because I don’t spend daytime with my kids doesn’t makes me less a mom compare to people that do. What happen when your kids already went to school full time? Does that makes them less of a mom too then? Oh well.. people are unbelievable sometimes.

  2. Hang in there—there will always be critics and as long as you know you are doing the best thing that is all that matters. Your children will be fine!!! I don’t know why people say stupid things like that. Everyone needs to mind their own business…right? 🙂

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