Back to reality

Coming back from vacation is always hard. Especially when you add jet lag into the equation.  Last week was officially our first week back to normal schedule. The kids are back to school and or day care.

I wasn’t ready physically or mentally. The house is still a mess! Unloading 7 large suitcases is not easy. Most of them were gift for friends & family. The stuff for friends has already been distributed but we just haven’t been able to ship out the stuff for family in WI.

We need to get the house ready for realtor so we can put it up in the market this summer. Dear God, there’s so much to do and it’s just crazy!

Taking care of 2 active kids by ourselves is also adding to the challenge of getting things ready. How I miss my mother and her helping hand! Between work, school & kids who really have times for anything else? I wish I have more time to write heck I wish I have more time to relax!

My brother in law gives me the latest version of adobe photoshop software as a gift, but I haven’t been able to play around with it. My friend was going to show me all these scrapbooking and unique things you can do with the software, I just haven’t found a time. I saw her work and was so amaze by it, I know if I have time to play with it, I can do it too but who am I kidding? She doesn’t have any children so she has way more time than me. You really have to have plenty of extra time in your hand to play with it. Unless your kids have grown or no kids, I think it’s close to impossible to have that much time.

Oh well…! Nope, not complaining… just try to figure things out one by one and to line up my priority: Kids, Work & School. The goal for this summer is to get the house ready and to move.  

Welcome back to reality Sendie-Lou!

Happy Monday all!

6 responses

  1. Welcome back from your vacation!!! Sounds like reality has hit you but you have your priorities straight and you will get through it!!! Good luck on getting the house ready–that is always such a fun job!!! We took ours off the market last year after an unsuccessful year of trying to sell but hopefully the market is coming back and good in your location! Hang in there!!! You will find the time someday!!! 🙂

  2. Working, kids, dinner, driving, housework, homework, cleaning, gardening, wash, bedtimes, baths, “How was your day honey” finding lost just about everything for every body…blogging, photo-shop. Sendie–COMPLAIN!! and then go to my Facebook page and laugh at the book on bedtime storie for exhausted parents..I am not posting the link–you mom might click on it 🙂
    Is there a responsible, low maintenance, family member that might want to “intern” in the States this summer as a mothers helper. Don’t do it if creates more work but think about it if those hands would be helpful.
    Complain and Complain often–!

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