I did my best

Few days ago I went to a funeral of Mr. M. I know Mr. M as a dad of my colleague, a cool guy who is very fun to talk to, very easy going. Funny and yet very intelligent that you can talk any subject with him.  A proud grandfather who just become a great grandfather. A loving husband who still brags about his high school sweet heart he married for 59 yrs.

Well, he was much more than what I just describe. I found out what a truly great person he was. He was a very successful business man. He was a President for Gates Corporation among other successful career life; he was very active in his church and local community. 

At his funeral, the church was packed! I mean packed with people want to pay their respect. A lot of people want to talk and share their story with Mr. M. How he has touch their life. I was touch. I still can’t believe how humble he was. With all his achievement, all of his success and yet me manage to stay and appear to be just regular guy.

I don’t know Mr. M that well and his life story makes me think and look back of what I have done, what is my purpose in life, it change my perspective. Also makes me think of people around me. Unfortunately I can’t help think of someone who just recently got a degree and much better job. No mean to discredit the hard work that was put into getting this degree and a much deserve promotion – but I can’t help think of the attitude change. Someone whom I used to think of being humble change overnight. Money, title and degree do change people. Oh well…

I can only learn from Mr. M. How you live your life reflected at your funeral. Just look at Mr. M funeral. People give him respect not because he demands it or force people to, but because we all wanted to. To respect someone who actually deserve to be respected. A life wasn’t wasted. He lives his life to the fullest and surrounded by people who appreciated, grateful and love him unconditionally. I wish I know him more, I wish to learn more from him. The world truly lost one of its greatest people. A true hero – even if it’s just for the community.

His son asked him one time, what he would want his family to say at his funeral. Mr. M answer, “Just tell them I did my best.”

Well done Mr. M. Well done. Good bye and may you rest in peace.

This song is a tribute to Mr. M. And for all of us … have a good weekend.

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  1. Awww….what a sweet tribute and post to a wonderful man. I think that is a great thing to live for–to do our best. I think that is a great motto to live by. Thanks for posting and sharing a bit of Mr M with us. Hugs.

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