My last post until next month….

My dear – dear friends… I’m leaving tomorrow for a vacation to my home country. So weird that I’m going home for a vacation! I’m all pack and ready to go. Everybody is just as anxious as me and my husbands. I’m actually looking forward for those long flight hours and going from one airport to the next. My guess is I’ll be too busy to have time to write.. as much as I love to share with you my experience but it’ll have to wait until I get back.

In the mean time, enjoy your Spring time as I will enjoy mine getting a message, soaking in the sun right by the beach in a cabana! I’ll probably embarrassed myself by moaning uncontrollably.

Jakarta via Wikipedia - This is where I'll be!

Here’s my story…

Weekend Story

Weekend was crazy as usual. We have family came to visit from WI and they went back home Saturday. Saturday was so gorgeous here in Denver. We were blessed with 80 degree weather but with a nice breeze. I expected friends will go volleyball and I was right around 11am I received several text: “Volley Ball today @ 2pm. Bring meat so we can grill for dinner.”

I haven’t play since high school and normally I have my baby with me so I have to watch her anyway and my husband will play. I have no excuses this time cause I have no kids with me so they force me to play.

Oh, this remind me.. few Volley Ball 101 for dummies – like me!

  1. Don’t play Volley Ball after you’re getting a manicure!
  2. You should warm up first – especially when you haven’t play in 15 yrs!
  3. Dress appropriately, you don’t have to show your big tummy to everybody when you try to hit the ball!
  4. Run towards the ball not AWAY from it!
  5. And if you insist of playing (even after 15 yrs) please remember to rest first before you join the kids on Wii dancing competition. Or you’ll wake up with double sore in every inches of your body!

(early) Birthday Bash

My birthday not till mid-April. I’ll be  21 this year – hush! I’ve been 21 for 13 years, this works!

My co-worker surprise me today with a little early birthday bash. There’s cheese cake with candle, card, and they even sings! How sweet! After we sing, some beg for me to take them with me to Indonesia. Hey.. I’ll take anyone who want to come.

That truly was a sweet gesture of my co-worker… but I’m looking forward for my real birthday bash in Indonesia next week!

Random thought

I have relative that lives in Osaka Japan. They are okay, reading their email give me a complete different perspective on Japanese. Time if tough she said. Limited food supply and there’s power limitation throughout the night. But all Citizen have a complete faith in their government that they will do everything the best possible way they can to bring Japan back. That faith that the Japanese have towards their leader and their government truly touch my heart. She also convince me that everything is not as bad as what the western media has reported and portrayed. Yes the devastations is  unimaginable, but the Japanese hold on together. One thing we have to remember Japanese just like most of Asian culture aren’t very good at communicating. It doesn’t mean they are not doing anything. They are but they’re much better at actions then words. See the opposite? But no words can be taken as nothing get done.

 In my perspective, The Japanese is setting standards on how to recover from a national catastrophe. It’s citizens aren’t sitting around waiting for someone to come to their rescue or waiting for government handouts. (Most) of Western individuality is fine when times are good, but the “me and only me” mindset fails in disasters that require an “us” attitude. Just look at  the difference between this and Katrina. No looting, people waiting patiently in line for hours to buy gas and food. I’m in awe every time I see it.

I’m very fortunate that I have visited Japan and see it at it best. Unique! It’s the words comes to mind how to describe my experience. Have you watch Black Eyed Peas  video of “I Can’t get enough.”? That video truly capture the modern essence of Japan – at least Tokyo. I attach it here. I hope you enjoy it.

Until next time!


11 responses

  1. You can’t go!!! I just found you!!!! Rats! I guess I will just have to make do with reading your old posts! Have a great and safe trip!!! Can’t wait till you get back!!!!

  2. Have a fabulous time and think about me when you’re soaking up the sun in that cabana. Happy early birthday. Will miss you until you get back, but know you’re going to have a blast. Can’t wait to see pictures. Safe travels. Hugs, Diane

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