The story of an apple tree.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who loves to play right by the apple tree. He loves to climb on it, picking the apple and eat it too. Pay hide and seek. Or just rest in the shade during a hot day. He really loves that apple tree and the tree loves the boy as well.

Times goes by and that little boy is now a teenager. He doesn’t spend as much time at the apple tree as he used to. He still comes from time to time. One day he came to the tree looking sad. “Come and play with me child.” The tree asks. ‘I’m not a kid anymore, I don’t play like I used to. I need to pay a different game; I need the latest gadget, new technology. But I don’t have any money to buy them.” The teenager said. “Then come and pick my fruit and sell them so you can get money to purchase whatever it is you want.” Said the tree. The teenager was so happy picking up the apple from the tree and off to sell them.

The teenager then left and forgot about the tree. It makes the tree sad but there’s nothing it can do.

Another time goes by and the teenager is now a young man. He came by and visited the tree looking sad. “Come and play with me child.” The tree asks. “I can’t. I don’t have time to play. Now I have to work and provide for my family. I want to build a shelter for my family and I have to work very hard for it. Can you help me?” The young man asks the tree. “I’m so sorry, but I don’t have a house, but you are welcome to cut up my branch to build yourself a house for your family.” Happily the young man start chopping off the branches of the tree and off he goes to build a house for him and his family.

He left and forgot about the tree. It makes the tree sad but there’s nothing it can do.

Another time goes by and that young man is now an adult. He visit the tree. “Come and play with me my child.” Ask the tree. “I’m sorry but I’m an adult now, I don’t play. I want to sail around the world! That has been my dream growing up.” Said the man. “But it takes money to buy a boat can you help me?” “I don’t have a boat but you are free to chop me up and use my trunk to build your boat.” Said the tree.

The man happily chop the tree off almost completely and build himself a big boat to sail around the world. The tree no longer looking like a tree just left there as a piece of wood and roots sticking out from the ground.  He left and didn’t return for a very long time and again made the tree very sad.

Another times goes by and there’s an old man came by the tree. He was once that boy that loves to pay with the tree. “I’m sorry my child, I don’t have anything left to give you said the tree. You taken all my fruit, you chop of my branches and use my body. Now I’m nothing.” The tree said sadly. “I don’t want your fruit cause I don’t have any teeth to eat it with,  I don’t want your branch because I’m too old to chop them and I don’t want to sail around the world again. I’m too old I just want to rest.” Said the man.

“Then come here and lay with me and let’s rest together.”

They lie together and finally spend their last moment together.

Lesson: That tree represents our parents. How we used to love to play with them as we were little. Come our teenage and adult time where we spend less and less time with them but they will always there when we need them. ALWAYS! We left them and only come back when in time of need, but they will always happily help us the best way they can because our happiness is the only thing they ever want.

This story was an old Asian story (So it said in the email) and was sent to me tis morning by a friend. What a great reminder to always remember your parents, to love and respect them.

Taken from Yahoo Image

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  1. This is an old Indonesian story? I never knew that. I remember reading about it in elementary school. “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein.

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