Oy to the questions!

I’m sure you know that kids can say, ask and act the darnest things. My daughters included.  This is when I learned you have to be very careful of what you said in front of her or she’ll copy you.

I first learned that when I accidently drop something into toilet bowl and she said “Mommy what the hell?” with a very concern voice, she was only 2 yrs old. Seriously, I don’t know where she got that from (ahem) I try so hard not to laugh and explain to her that we don’t say that H word in the house.  Later on that day, I told my husband the story and instead of concern he was proud that his daughter actually said it in the right context. Oh dear.

Although that is the last times she use the H word but that wasn’t the last time she did or said something that makes me crunch my eyebrow – is that even an expression?

Her questions range from a serious one like why does Grandma WI speak different language and scream all the time (It’s a Hmong thing – I’m guessing) to a silly one like why does mommy have a big tummy to how come daddy doesn’t have long hair like Breezy’s (her best friend) dad.

To sum up, she was listening to my iphone and singing and dancing to Brittney Spears. “I’m not that innocence!” Oy!

In all fairness I becoming more and more “not innocence” too since I become a mother. I lie a lot! But in all seriousness will you tell the truth when your 5 yrs old ask you what does Lady Gaga mean when she sings “I wanna ride in your disco sticks” ?

I better do some parents control on my iphone/ipod. Any suggestion?

Diva in Training


3 responses

  1. Very cute. I know what you mean though..My husband was a champion swearer and when Cole was little he never ever repeated anything his dad said…if I used a swear word it was like a magnet to his lips. Sometimes life and raising kids is just not fair When it comes to my kid honesty has not always been my policy. Have to even things up a bit.

  2. Too cute! My spouse is a very impatient driver. He’ll comment things while driving, such as, “Go already!” Or, “Hurry stupid car!” Anyway, my youngest has started to mimic her father. Whenever I stop at a stoplight, she’ll shout from the back seat, “Hurry Mommy! Go! Go! Go!”

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