11 month ago today….

I’m writing my Kalia birth experience because I won’t be able to during her 1st birthday as I’ll be far – far away in my home land with family.

Kalia is our little surprise. I remember August 2009 I can back from WI & Chicago for a wedding and I was so sick. I thought I was just getting tired from the trip and hope it’ll go away in few days. After a week still feeling very sick I finally went to the doctor. Surprise! I’m pregnant!

I was so surprised by the news and just kept on asking “how?” I remember my doctor was laughing and told me she have a pop – up book to show me ‘how’ 🙂 When I told my husband he said he knew all along that I was pregnant and not sick.

Everything changed. I was planning on going back home to Indonesia and I have to postpone it. We are planning to get pregnant again but in year 2010 but God have different plan for us and we gladly accept it.

The pregnancy was a hard one. I experienced a really bad all day sickness. This is too come as a surprise because my first pregnancy was such a breeze! The morning sickness got so bad that they have to prescribe me with medication so I can function – I call it my happy pill. The whole pregnancy Kalia is sitting on a nerve and it hurt so bad to even just to walk! Then she drop so low so soon that I have to wear some type of tummy supported system. It was so uncomfortable but you got to do what you got to do.

Then somehow I have a low blood pressure in the middle of pregnancy. I was put on a bed rest few times. But even with all that, I enjoy little kick I feel coming from inside me, I look forward to feel her moving inside me and still got teary eyed each time I listen to her heart beat and “see” her on each ultra sound. From day one I knew I will have another little girl.. call it mother instinct but I just knew.

Seeing me “suffer” doctor offer to induce me early. I jump into the idea, but it’s more so because of the date. Kalia due date was April 30th. My parents got married on April 23rd my grandma was born on April 23rd, two of my dearest sisters was born on April 23rd how cool is that is Kalia also born on that day?

Thursday April 22nd, I went into the hospital with my husband and Tyra. Because I have a very long labor with Tyra, they start induce me early. I actually kinda worry that she might be born a day sooner, but I trust my doctor and I keep on praying.

The night went pretty peaceful and I sleep like a baby – for the last time. It’s April 23rd Yeah!! 6 am, my water broke! Tyra scream that I peed on my bed and it’s a lot! After the nurse clean me out I went to the bathroom to put up my makeup – gotta look pretty for another birth of a Princess!

Despite the pain.. the epidural not working… the pushing… everything went pretty smooth. Kalia was born that day April 23rd, 2010 at 2.35pm on a snowy Friday afternoon.

Welcome Kalia… my sweet surpise!

Kalia & Mommy

Kalia Ariana

Kakak Tyra meet baby sister for the 1st time


Proud Daddy


“When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. And now when every new baby is born its first laugh becomes a fairy.”James Matthew Barrie

Happy Kalia @ 7 Month


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