Our inner beauty

My radio station KS 1075 talked about children and make up few days ago. They got people calling in about their opinion on children and makeup. Majority of parents share my view on this – they don’t like it!

Parenting is a very touchy subject and I’m not one to make suggestion or giving advice on it. My kids are only 5 and 11 month old; I have a long way to go! But every time I see kids 13 yrs old and younger and they already wear full make up and do their nail, my eyes just cringe. That’s seems to be a bit too early. I remember when I was 5 – 13 yrs old I was still playing outside with friends in the dirt running around carefree with friends all mixed boys and girls.

I understand that times are different, but can the innocence of a child be that much different? Now kids are more into appearance. They already talk about boys since I don’t know how young… and wearing full makeup on daily basis. I don’t even do that and I’m a grown woman in my …. err… let’s stop there.. 🙂

My Tyra is no exception. She loves make up too! Once in a while I let her plays little dress up and wear kiddie makeup but I’ll put the brakes on wearing makeup full time and do fake nail. I try to tell Tyra all the time how she already beautiful without all that colors in her face and lips. Am I too hard on her? I don’t want her to think that only with makeup she look beautiful.

I think in today’s world we all care too much about our physical appearance, and we forgot about focusing on the inside. Our inner beauty. When we focus too much on our outside appearance, we will always find something wrong and that’s when we start getting depressed and hurt because we feel that we’re ugly, no one like us. We don’t feel complete and being accepted by the world.

A lot of young people trying to be someone they are not. Peers pressure is there, no denying but if we start teaching our children that they are beautiful inside and boast their confidence, they will be happy with who they really are.

To me it’s more than just makeup; it’s more about showing my child of her true beauty. Tyra start realizing the physical different between her and her friends. I’d like to show her and teach her that even though we all different and may not be blessed with the same thing, but we all privilege and gifted with existence and we all beautiful.

My beautiful Tyra


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  1. Your daughter is beautiful and like you I think we rush our children through childhood way to fast–from media, clothes and make-up, pushing them academically. In my opinion play should be the goal. Dress-up (princess make-up and clothes) is a wonderful thing because I think it allows for children to try out different personalities and come back to their own. My mom use to say about many of the things I wanted to rush towards….” You have your whole life to wear make-up but just a short while to be my beautiful little girl.” I rolled my eyes, of-course…but I am glad she made me wait.

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