When jokes are not funny it hurt

Gilbert Gottfrield just got fired over his tweet on recent Japan tsunami. He “sincerely” appologies since, but he lost his job as Afflac duck’s voice. I read his tweet and I didn’t find any of them to be funny.

I lost a relative during 2006 tsunamy that hit Indonesia. I still hear about the pain and suffering from that tragedy. It is 5 years later and I can still feel the pain. The recent tsunami in Japan just bring back bad memory.

So I don’t get the jokes and will never will. What can be so funny about a tragedy that leaves thousands people die? A tragedy that leaves damages part of a country, when family member are lost, parents lost their children, children lost their parents. Home were destroyed…… What can be so funny about that?

I don’t understand people. If you don’t have anything nice to say, best not to say anything at all.

2 responses

  1. There is nothing funny about the devastation that is happening in Japan. The tweets were not funny and were very poorly timed. I do think we sometimes fall into humor to make bad things a little more manageable. Cole and I often find moments surrounding Joe’s death very funny….laughter has helped us cope but it has not been laughter at Joe’s expense.
    We have a politician in Chicago–a bad politician facing criminal charges who said recently to the media that his troubles were just like the “Tasaumi”…his comment remind us all once again that we should just skip his trial and hang him from a tree.

    • We do that from time to time, but on our own term and it’s understandable to try to bring some laughter to ease the pain, I did the same when my grandma and grandpa pass away, but I won’t even consider doing it on other people’s tragedy. Your comment that that politician is too funny! I laugh till I cry! 🙂

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