I’m Lucky!

I remember my parents thank me twice in my life. Real thanks, not just a simple “thanks” after getting them a glass of water etc…

Once was when I graduate from college.  This is back in 1999. They sat me down and thank me for graduating with honor and for sticking through it. The second time is when I got married. I remember the night before I got married and we going through the plan for the big day, my parents thank me again for being a good daughter and do everything the normal way.

Honor is a very big thing in Asia. (Perhaps it is too here, I’m just not too familiar with American culture). I didn’t dishonor my family by dropping out of college, getting pregnant before marriage or things like that.

It sounded pretty boring maybe but my parents points are, that I’m not a trouble child, I went through life normally (as possible anyway.. 🙂 ) I finish college, got a good job, met someone, fall in love, introduce him to my family, got engage and we got married – all in order! J So they thank me for that. They say, in all the wrong they did, they must’ve done something right because both their girls turn out great and bring honor to family.

As bias as this sound, I think my parents as the best parents in the world! I don’t think my parents did anything wrong, yes, no one is perfect and neither are my parents, but how many times do you actually hears parents admit their not perfect? Hardly ever.  Especially coming from Asian parents.

I learned a lot from them. They have a way for me to still enjoy life as a child, as a teenagers as a college girl and still able to hold that trust they gave me and not betrayed them. It is not easy, note that I live in Australia for 3.5 yrs during my college time and I live on the beach of Sydney! It’s party almost everyday! I won’t be who I am today without the love and guidance of my parents.

Over the weekend, my parents thank me again. For my two little girls. As I wrote earlier last week, my mom takes both my girls to Indonesia. One of the hardest decisions I ever had to make! Separate from them for 3 weeks. We kept their trip to Indonesia as a surprise. All family members think they girls will come with me and my husband in April.

The surprise is a success! They were screaming, jumping up and down with joy and delight as they see them coming out of the airport. My dad stay in the car cause he can’t find parking, and as he saw the girls, my sister told me he just brakes and jump out of the car and start dancing like crazy as he approach them. As Tyra told me “grandpa is so funny, he can dance like ‘imagination movers guy’” – that’s a show on Disney by the way. 🙂

At night, we do a video chat with them and my dad was crying to us and he say thank you. Thank you for letting the girls comes sooner so he’ll have more time with them getting to know them. He literally cries and keeps on saying thank you. He made me cry.. even now as I type this remembering that moment.

It is still very hard for me not having my girls with me. But I know they are having fun, they are in great hands and they bring joy to everybody there. It’s a good decision, and I can’t wait to go home and be part of that.

I’m so lucky to have a great and loving parents and my children are lucky to have grat grandparents!

Baby Tyra with grandpa, grandpa & auntie

Baby Tyra with some of her cousins

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