My girls is in the air – Literally!

My mom took both my girls to Indonesia. They left yesterday. No, I’m not one of those irresponsible parents who just left their kids with grandparents. All of my family are living in Indonesia. I feel fortunate because at least my mom is able to come and visit once a year, but I do have lots of more family back home and they all miss us and haven’t seen the new baby yet.

All of us are planning on going back to Indonesia next month. The plan was for my mom to come back with us, but there’s a slight change of plan and she have to go back home 3 weeks sooner. So all family and relative have been begging for me and my husband to let the girls go first with my mom. We were hesitant. First of all, we’re going to miss them like crazy! And the thought of separate from my two kids is seems to bizarre and unnatural to me.

My mom is a very persistent person that and with some threat we finally give up and let the girls went with her first. What? She threaten to disowned me, cut me out of her will and this is the main one, will never cook for me ever again! I have to give up!

We decided to keep this as a surprise for all family in Indonesia. So none of them know that the girls are coming with my mom. How I wish I can be part of that surprise. I’m all happy and excited just to think about their reaction. It’s very hard to lie to my family. Last night right before my mom board the plane my dad call us and still begging for us to let the girls go. I make silly excuses as why they can’t go. Bad sendie!

I figure it’s save for me to write this because: A. It’s 3 am in the morning back home, I don’t think my family will read this. B. My family never really read my blog.. 🙂  C. ah who am I kidding I’m too excited!

I have to be honest though.. last night was rough. Saying good bye – even only for 3 weeks – seeing them disappear inside the airport gate, remembering Tyra and Kalia kisses…. Them walking into an empty house last night was extremely hard. Normally Tyra will greet me by the door waiting for me just as soon as she hear the garage door open and she will give me a hug and as I enter the house, I will find my Kalia in the living room squealing with delight as she saw me.

I didn’t cry last night at the airport – very hard! – but I secretly cry in the car on the way home and I cry in my room missing them already. I didn’t sleep till 1 am this morning and woke up at 5 am wishing to find Kalia next to me. I know I’m crazy! My husband feel it too. He couldn’t fall asleep either and keep on checking the airline status. I just call him and he said the house is so empty without our two girls that it’s driving him crazy! He told me he play Disney Channel just to have some familiar sound. You know Tyra and her Disney Channel!

Friends will coming by tonight to get our mind of our girls, thank God for friends! But I know this will be the longest 3 weeks ever!!!!

On a good note. My mom call from LA and so far the girls are having a blast and behaving. Tyra got her own little camera and been snapping pictures of everything. She call me again from the plane right after boarding to Hong Kong. Tyra loves the airplane and little sister enjoying herself is the little basinet the airline provided for her. So.. so far so good. They are still up in the air as I type this and still have about 8 hours of flying time. GOOD LUCK MOTHER! 🙂


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  1. Aw, I know you miss them. I would too, but I’ll bet they will have a wonderful time with their grandparents and family…though they might get really spoiled being with grandma and grandpa so long.

    Make the most of your time away and, remember, it’s okay to be sad and miss them…after all, you are a mommy! Big hugs, Diane

    P.S. – If my mom threatened to not cook for me again, I’d send my kids with her too…LOL

    • They had a great time!!! I video chat with them every day and yesterday Tyra already told me that I call too much and she want to play! 🙂 It’s a very good feeling to know they are in a great hands.

  2. I understand you wholeheartedly. I’m the kind of mom who wants to be involved with my children. I don’t want to miss anything in their lives. EVER! When my first child was born, one of my SILs asked me if she could go stay with her for a month. I thought, “Why would I leave my 3-month-old daughter with you for a month? I’m her mom. I want to take care of her.” So, of course, I told her no. She then stated that my other SIL drops her kids off for a long period at a time, all the time, even when they were only 2 months old.

    It’s hard for me to leave my daughters with someone, even family. Last year, my husband and I went down to San Diego for the weekend. The original plan just the two of us. I had already made arrangements with my sister to babysit. At the last minute, I couldn’t stand to be away from them, so we took them along with us.

    • My husband family does this a lot! They leave their kids with grandma and grandpa so they can be child free and party. I don’t understand it. Seperating with your child is hard! I got teary eyes just passing McDonald thinking of my Tyra.

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