Winter is back!

After a spoil high 60 degree weather we’ve been having, winter decided to come back for a short (hopefully) visit to CO. It’s snowing right now as I type write this. It’s really coming down and it’s beautiful. I feel like living inside a snow globe!

Right now I feel so light, free and at ease, ask me again how I feel about this snow as I drive home. The answer might be different! 🙂

The weekend had pass and it was a busy weekend as always. My weekend always filled with invitation either a party (birthday, graduation etc..), family gathering, traditional ceremony (Hmong) such as Hu Plig or house blessing etc..  last weekend is no different. Plus, last weekend was my mother last weekend here in CO before she leaves to Indonesia, so I have lots of friends who would love to spend time with her.

 My mom is more popular than me! The last few weeks we have quite a bit of friends/family member who want to host a dinner or get together for her. All from Castle Rock to Golden/Boulder and all won’t take no for an answer. Thanks to all this, my diet plan has failed and I can kiss good bye to my wish of wearing bikini in Bali next month. Ah.. who am I kidding! 🙂

It made my weekend much busier. I have to carefully plan my week to include some house chores like laundry and cooking. I’m happy that my husband is the type that always help. He’s pretty much clean the house, vacuum, and do the laundry. So busy.. busy.. busy!

 With all that said, I’m grateful for my busy weekend, that mean God still blessed me with great friends who loves having me and to still have my friendship.

4 responses

  1. Sendie – Just say NO to SNOW!! I have officially broken up with winter and am looking forward to my love affair with Spring…LOL. How wonderful that your home has been filled with those you love. Enjoy and forget all about that bikini…they’re really overrated:) Hugs, Diane

    • I have a hate/love relationship with winter. 🙂 but just like you I’m so ready for springs & summer! Speaking of bikini, I end up bringing my fat lady swimming suit, the one with long skirt! hahaha.

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