Walking down memory lane

I’m counting down till the day I’m going home. Can you blame me? It’s been over 5 years! My Tyra share my excitement, she have her own little calendar that she marked down on each passing day. She’s so excited to see all of her cousins, aunties, uncles and all other family member that she normally see on webcam or pictures.

Her excitement comes with tons of questions and inquiries. Some are just too funny:

“Are there’s food in Indonesia? How about McDonald? How about my mac & cheese and apple sauce?”

“Are there’s a mall in Indonesia? How about a play ground?”

“How about Disney Channel Momma? Can I still watch Good Luck Charlie? Or Wizard in Waverly place?”

The thought of going home got me reminisce some of my childhood. My mom visit us once a year and each time stayed for few month, but unfortunately not my Dad because he runs his own business and I’m a daddy’s girl always has been and always will be. I can’t wait to be a child again! And be a big sister again and be little sister again.

I hope I don’t put too much hope into this trip because I’m pretty sure things has change within this past 5 years.

I can’t help picturing what it used to be when I was still living with my parents.

Waking up every morning listening to my Mom & Dad in the family room discussing the news or what’s happening with their community/social circle. I can picture my Dad with his news paper in the couch and cup of coffee in the table with my Mom next to him talking and putting on her makeup.  

My dad call me his sunflowers – hence the name of this blog – for 2 reasons, sunflowers is my absolute favorite flower followed by orchid and he said that my attitude resemblance sunflowers, bubbly and blossom during the sun, but mellow out during the rain. I told you I’m a  daddy’s girl!

Ah… walking down memory lane… can’t wait to go home and re live that again. I’m sure some things has change but one thing for sure, I’m always happy to be home.

Can’t find a better song to express on how I feel! Love this song.

5 responses

  1. What wonderful memories, Sendie. I know you can’t wait to get home and share with your daughters. Please make sure they have Disney Channel…that is very important…LOL. Great idea to let your daughter keep a countdown calendar. I’ll be you’re keeping one too! Hugs, Diane

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip. The memories of this trip will be precious for your daughter. Things will have changed some but even if you had stay in the same town with the same people-things would have changed, right? and I am guessing you have changed to–just wait until someone accuses your being Ms USA. Its going to be an awesome trip, I can smell the coffee already.

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