When it rain it pour….

There has been a lot of things going on with me lately. Some are good and some are um… not so good. I tried not to dwell on the not so good part… so here’s the good:

  • My husband just pass his teaching test, so now he just have to complete few more courses and (hopefully) graduate this fall and be on his way to be a teacher.
  • Finally I’m coming home…. After 5 years being away, finally I’m coming home! We just purchase our ticket to Indonesia and will be on our way there early April.
  • I just got my annual review, looks like I got to keep my job for another year! YAY! Hehehe… no, really. The review went really well. 🙂
  • Tyra started piano just about a month ago and she can now master few songs!
  • Also, Tyra is able to recite some verse from the Quran. Her teacher (and of course us too) is very proud of her! She can read the Quran really good now.
  • Kalia finally crawling! She’s late – I know! But she’s so adamant to just stand up and start walking. It’s funny how she’s been able to pull herself up and standing at 7 month old and just started crawling at 9 month!  She hate being on her stomach and just hate crawling. Finally she gave up and thinking that she can’t roll forever so she give crawling a change and now she’s baby on the moves!
  • This is one of the main important one for me.. Kalia is finally sleeping through the whole night!!!  Through the night normally mean from 7 pm to 04:30am or 5am. But it’s still better!

I keep on reading that list over and over again today and remembering all the blessing I have in my life to get rid of the not so good news from my head… oh well. It is what it is…  I can tell you this though… during this “storm” I’m lucky to be surrounded by a strong supporting group of family and friends. I’m very fortunate to have an awesome group of people I know I can rely on.

Jay Leno once said: If you claim to have 5000 friends, tell them that you are moving and see how many are willing to help. That is your true friends. 

Sendie agreed and Sendie also said: during hardship is when you can see who your truly friends are and family.

Happy Friday everybody!


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