Valentine’s nibble & sips…

My husband and I were actually on a date! Well, sort of, attend an annual charity gala dinner at Hyatt Hotel to support our charity organization Inter-faith Community. It’s a beautiful night and the event was hosted at Hyatt Hotel DTC. The VIP pre-reception was at the 12th floor and the view is just amazing. Here is our table at the VIP pre-reception event.

Nibble & Sips 2011

This is the evening to raised money to prevent  and awareness of hunger and homeless in Colorado. As some of you know, I’ve been a huge supporter of Inter-faith community Services. It’s not a huge national organization, but it’s big enough for their activity to make a different in local area. Neighbors helping neighbors is their slogan.

Nibble & Sips 2011

The main ball room was set up so beautifully with tons of silent auctions items for us to bid – unfortunately I didn’t win any this year. We did last year but we were out bid by a lot of people on all items we were bidding. There’s always next year.

Food at Nibble & Sips 2011

Tidbit: Did you know that there are NEW 798 family requesting help to Inter-Faith last year. That is a lot of numbers. More reason why we should be more aware of our community. Start small then you can slowly help make a different.

The event was Nibble & Sips, as we go though silent auctions items we can sample wine and food from local winery and local restaurant. There are this one bottle of Cherry Wine that I absolutely fall in love, it’s very rare and quite expensive but my husband getting it as gift for me.. yay! Some of the proceeds of every item we purchase that night will go towards Inter-Faith. So it’s for a good caused.. 🙂

Nibble & Sips 2011

It’s a beautiful night to spend on a beautiful caused. Valentine’s is about love, and love is not just for your family and significant others, but also to each other, to our neighbors, our surrounding, our community.

On a personal note: My daughter is into Valentine’s now… she can’t wait for it as if she’s waiting for Santa on Christmas day. She don’t know much about valentine’s day and if you ask her what’s valentine is she’ll tell you “It’s a Pink day and pink is my favorite color!” so there you have it.

I woke up this morning to see three roses arrangement from my husband to me, Tyra and Kalia. Each of us receive a roses from him…  as for him, on Saturday night I put on a very nice satin pajama, it’s pink with tulip (his favorite flower) motive on it.  Wink.. wink… 🙂

Happy Valentine’s day everybody.

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