My travel diary: Welcome to Colorful Colorado!

I inherit my love for travel from my parents. My dad is a business man and he travel a lot all over the world and he always take us with him. I’m so used to being on a place for 20 hours and as crazy as this sounds, the smells of airport is oddly so familiar and comfort me. Maybe that’s pushing it! I consider myself very lucky to have parents that believe in exposing us to all different places in the world to enrich our experience from very early on.

I’m very glad that I’m married to someone who share the love of traveling and we will pass that on to our child as well. Between my husband and I, we’ve explore most of Colorado and I’m glad I can took my family on a trip to show this beautiful state when they come to visit.

Here is some picture I took during our road trip with family around Colorado and surrounding. I apologize in advance that all of these pictures were taken just using my simple camera and I’m not a fan of Photoshop – especially on nature (only on my face to remove the freckle and the zit. 🙂 )


My parents

Good Bye grandpa - until next time


More pictures coming up!!

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