I was a football virgin…

I’m not into sports at all! I play tennis and golf as I was growing up. My dad – the business man – teaches me that those two sports are a must know in business because they are good for lobbying. You don’t have to like it but you have to know how to play. He is right. All of people here are playing golf for business meeting and etc….

Back to football. My husband is a football addict. He’s basically into all sports just like any men out there, but mostly Football and basketball. Me on the other hand, very clueless about football. To proof how clueless I was, one time my boss gave me a really good football ticket for me and my husband to watch. He quizzes me before handed me the ticket. After asking me several questions about football, this is his conclusions: “Sendie, at the football game, don’t tell anybody you work for me!” 🙂

I always feel bad for him during Monday Night football, he’ll be downstairs watching it by himself and I’m upstairs watching my food network. I’m just not interested. Well, first of all, football in my country is literally a round black and white ball that they kick with their feet, not carrying around in their armpit. 🙂  here it called soccer – yeah okay…  and also from distance looks pretty violent to me.

Well baby.. last Super-bowl just change it all. It’s started with me chasing a cheesehead for my husband, then I didn’t realize this but I kinda share his excitement over his team making it to the Super-bowl. I was  actually excited over the game not just for the food! 🙂 I actually watch the whole game! Seriosly, not just the commercial and half time! I cheers them on and curse yells! It was fun. Now I can understand the excitements, it really get your adreline pumping.

I’m still pretty much clueless about a lot of stuff, but not as bad as I was. Hey, now I know what fumble mean! (assuming I spell it correctly)

I heart football!

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