Chasing Cheesehead

My husband from WI. Now, normally he’s not much into pro football, he’s more into college football – go Badgers! – However, this year ever since the Packers showing signs they are not stopping until Super Bowl he got so excited over his state team.

Right before the packers went against the Bears, I started looking into getting him a cheesehead. Of course, we live the Broncos state so it’s not like you can find it in any sports store. My options is calling family in WI or order online. I waited until I know for sure Packers will go to the Super Bowl and I’ll order it online.

They did!! So I started looking at Craiglist, ebay and some online store for this cheesehead. I finally order one with 3-5 days shipping guarantee, this is about a week and half before the superbowl.

Then Midwest big storm coming though…. Thursday night, I got email from UPS saying due to weather condition my order will not get shipped until the 3rd of February and won’t get to Denver until the 8th. That’s 2 days after the SuperBowl!!

I started frantically calling a bunch of places looking for it, even consider driving to Colorado Springs to answer Craiglist ad – but we had a snow storm of our own, so driving to Denver is out of the question. ***sigh*** 

Then I call my sisters in law ask if they have any cheesehead store and if she can ship it overnight to us here. After she got done laughing she said YES. Darn it Sendie, you should’ve thought it sooner! My mother in law was so touch by the store of a crazy daughter in law trying so hard to pleased her son, she actually bought it for us. My sister in law kindly shipped it to us overnight, guaranteed arrive at our home by noon Saturday the 5th.

And comes Saturday…  coming home after Tyra piano class at 11.30am..IT”S THERE!!!!! WHOOHOO!!!  I can honestly say I live up to the vow I said at my wedding day! You guys should see the look on his face when he open the gift wrapped (oh yeah, I re-wrapped it into a valentine’s gift bag).  Priceless!

Today – Monday February 7, 2011, I can say that the chasing paid off. The Packers went to superbowl with full speed and didn’t stop until they win it! Over all it was a good game, both team put good effort into it and the best part, I won $5! And my husband got his cheesehead.

Victory is sweet.

Victory Smile


And on top of that, even after the game is over, I also found another use for this cheesehead – not, it’s not for dishwashing! My Kalia seems to get a kick out of this hat! No matter what she did before, she will giggle and laugh at anyone who wears it!

Kalia & Tyra

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  2. Love the cheesehead! The packers not so much so…just remind your sweet cheesehead there is always next year and oh…alright go ahead and say Congratulations….At least I can pretend to be a good looser.

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