Stroller trouble

When Tyra was just a baby I remember getting so excited when the weather is good and thinking I can be like one of those cool mom in the park with baby on the stroller. I forgot one thing, I’m not a handy person and can be pretty clueless about stuff like installing car seat or stroller. The good news is, the base for the car seat is already installed and secure in the back seat. Now stroller is another story.

For Tyra first outing, she’s all secure in the car seat and here I was trying to figure out how to open the stroller. I remember shaking it, banging it trying to get it to open. Finally after 5 minutes looking like a dum – dum in the park parking lot, I give up and call my husband. Apparently there’s a secret red button that I have to press while unfold the stroller. Duh!

We did complete our walk that day. Tyra is as happy as she can be strolling with mommy looking at ducky and birdie… at three month old everything can be exciting. As for me with the stroller, I just hope everyone figure out that I’m a new mom and not a dum-dum. And I vow never to go anywhere without my husband.

Well, here I am with my second baby, can’t use the excuse as a new mom again. There’s a serious love and hate relationship between me and my stroller! This time with Kalia in the mall when she’s only 2 months old. I figure out how to unfold the stroller. After 2 – 3 hours strolling at the mall and window shopping with friend, it’s time to go and pick up Tyra from Preschool.

I just realize, I don’t know how to fold it! The same scenario is happening again, but in reverse this time. Kalia is secure sleeping inside the car on her car seat and I was outside trying to fold this d@mn thing and it just won’t fold. I give up I just put the whole stroller inside my car as a whole. Thank God for a van! Then I remember my vow not to go anywhere without my husband again…

This probably would me much easier for me


2 responses

  1. Oh I so understand…I loved it when Cole was little but one of the beat parts of his growing older was losing all the equipment that came with taking him anywhere…it pinched my fingers, scratched me, bruised my legs and yes made me feel like a dum-dum.
    I did love our Umbrella stroller, a $15.00 godsend that I could just flick open. Hours of research and an expense state of the art stroller–that stayed home unless Joe was a long to operate it–an Umbrella stroller I never left home without.
    Love the shopping cart idea…just saying…

  2. I remember those awful stroller fights very well. I had to use a double stroller because my boys are so close in age. That thing was so big and cumbersome and I could never figure out how to close it. Just like you I would get frustrated and throw it in the back of my van cursing all the way home.

    That poor baby in the photo looks like its folded in half…LOL.

    Hugs and happy strollering,


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