Let it snow.. let it snow…

With the forecast calling for up to 5 inches of snow today and a blistering high of – 2 degrees tomorrow with more snow, some of you (me) wondered whether I’ll be at work tomorrow.  🙂

We have a snow storm few weeks ago and I remember my daughter school recording calling around 5 am to inform us on the school closure. Although the phone call woke me up – I secretly hope that was my work that call instead about office closure. No such luck.

It’s hard to believe that it’s snowing like crazy out there right now. I was still having a BBQ with friends yesterday. It is typical of Colorado weather though. We have 60 degree Friday, 65 on Saturday and drop slowly yesterday and it is single digit now and will falls below zero by tonight and tomorrow. I love it! Never dull around here.

Went to grocery store yesterday for last minute BBQ need and it is jam packed with people preparing for snowy day. I saw one guy putting 4 gallon of milk in the cart and talking to his wife about be prepare for snow. That’s the first. I thought cold day = soup day not cereal, but what do I know I ate my hot dog with rice! But yeah.. people act crazy funny during these time. One of my favorite blogger  simply Diane write about this not long ago.

I did do a quick check up myself though.. diapers, check! Formula, check! Most importantly, rice? Check!!

Right now, I’m dreaming of snuggling at home with my two baby instead of ‘working’ here – not really working cause I’m updating my blog.  🙂  On top of that, I’m also dreaming wishing the phone will ring tomorrow morning and it’s office closure!! Yeah!

 In the mean time. Bundle up and “look forward” to drive home in this snow. Let’s pray I won’t meet one of those SUV driver who thinks just because they have SUV it means they can still speed up! Oy… the nerve of some people.

Happy Snowy Monday!!


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