Where to put my child…..

When we move from Colorado Springs to Denver 5 years ago we carefully choose the area where we want to buy our house. We want to be in the best school district for our child – so they can be smarter than us.. 🙂 – From the very beginning we want to be in the Cherry Creek school district, and not just any Cherry Creek school district because there is a rank even with the same district. You might think I’m overreacting now.

I admit, when it comes to education I might be a bit over achiever. Was I wrong for wanting the best? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t put too much pressure into my child, but I want her to be among the best so she can also strive to be one. Am I making sense?

We moved into the neighborhood that we want and a bonus to that, we only a walking distance from one of the best elementary school in the district  (my realtor is awesome!!). So what more do I want? Well, things have change – as they should be – and so does my perspective in term of our child education. The good thing is that my husband and I are always (so far) have the same perspective.

My husband now thinks that our school district is not good enough. They are great curriculum wise and have a great rating, but he feels like they’re lack of the global aspect that is important – to us anyway. Yes, Tyra only in kindergarten but it’s never too soon to start introduce her to this. I feel overwhelmed with the thought that we have to look for different school and to move Tyra to a place where she’s already comfortable and from MY comfort zone. We live just a walking distance from a great school and now we actually have to drive her back and forth? What about tuition too???

But that I realize I was upset because it’s disrupting MY comfort zone. I need to also think of the future for my child not just NOW but for her TOMMORROW. However, my husband will have a lot of convincing to do before I can just agree to a different school.

Long story short, my husband did a lot of research and come across a charter school that he think it’s a perfect fit for us and our international family. Hehehe.. 🙂 He took me there last night for the orientation. Slightly hesitant I went with him. First few moment I’m still hesitatent comparing the school appearance to Tyra current school that just located closer and landscape beautifully – hey I judge things by the cover sometimes – 🙂

The communication director enter the room and start showing a slide show for the school and damn it! It was good. Honestly, my heart melt when I hear the student pledge:

GVA Student Pledge

I will honor different ways of being, acting and believing,
even when I don’t agree with them. 
I will treat others the way I like to be treated
I will do my best to solve problems peacefully and
I will speak up if I see others being treated unfairly.
We are Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn.

Hello that is our family pledge! Little more about this school, they focusing in language immersion. So all class from kindergarten to 8th grade will be taught in language of our choice. There are three choices: Mandarin, French and Spanish.  Not only that, they will also focusing on other subject as well such as science and math. They have adapted a math methods from Asia called Singapore math – when I hear that I’m sold! On top of that, the school was invited to the white house just recently as part of model school!

The plan is, we’ll be putting Tyra into the Chinese – Mandarin village, so she’ll be speaking mandarin! My husband and I choose Mandarin because, well China practically rule the world right now whether we like it or not. Heck US owed money to China! It’s only matter of time before learning Chinese is critical.

Bad news… (not yet) but we learned that there’s a very long waiting list for this school – darn it! – just as I get excited about it I learned that we probably enroll Tyra too late and might not got a change. We’ll find out by next month. Please pray for us!

4 responses

  1. You are certainly not wrong for wanting your child to have a great education. Glad you found the charter school and praying it works out the way you want. It certainly sounds like an awesome school. Good luck, friend. Hugs, Diane

  2. Sounds like you have the best of both possible worlds. A good, solid school within walking distance of your home that Tyra likes right now and the pending possibility of a good, solid school that honors difference’s and shares your families values.
    Good luck—I hope you move up the waiting list quickly.

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