The humble beginning…

My baby Kalia is 9 month today! That mean she’ll be 1 in just three month! That’s 90 days! Dear God.. times does goes fast when you have fun! We indeed have fun with our new little addition. Despite the challange of her health in the beggining, she brings more joy and laughter and made our little family complete. 

I’ve been very blessed with each child, they’re both different and yet there’s that similarity between them, they’re sisters after all…. 🙂 With each of them I feel like God has shown me how life is for the very beggining… the realization that makes me humble and makes me love and respect my parents – especially my Mom – even more!

I have to share this story… with my first child, my labor is a good 17 hrs! Yeah…. those are good times! My water broke at 8 am in the morning, and after eating breakfast (I have to eat first – I heard once you in hospital you can’t have nothing but ice chips! And this Asian chicks gotta eat!) we headed to the hospital.. my Mom already started crying – happy tears – with the thought of her first grandbaby will arrive soon and I’m have  a huge smile in my face.

10 am.. nothing.. noon.. still nothing… then the doctor and nurse makes me walk (seem like) to the whole hospital building to try to induce the labor naturally and still nothing…. they finally induce me around 2pm. 4 pm… 6 pm.. still nothing! Come on baby! Finally around 7 pm I started having a contraction.. YAY!! Oops… too soon to be relieve! Long story short.. contraction comes and goes from 7 pm around midnight I gave up and scream for epidural. For whatever reason it didn’t worked on me. If anybody reading this even go through labor then you’ll understand the frustration and the pain I was going through…

Around 2.30 am, I finally fully dialated and start pushing.. I was in so much pain at that time and almost gave up, well… I’m a drama queen… in the middle of those painful labor, I scream and hugs my mom and start asking for forgiveness for all the things I put her through! Ok.. being serious now.. but I finally realize the (first) sacrifice and pain of motherhood and I just so overwhelmed with guilt and it finally hit me of what my mom went through as a mother… and this is just the beginning.

Tyra finally born at 4.21 am.. (can’t you believe her??!!)  and she’s the prettiest baby I ever laid my eyes on – yeah.. not bias here! 🙂

Kalia labor is much easier – although not less painful and again, those epidural had failed me! Even though her labor was easier, but taking care of her after was a bit of a challange, little did we know she have few medical issues, I was sad, heartbroken, tired all emotions in one… and at the same time I go through this one issue with a friend – I though she was my friend anyway.. that was so out of the blue and had hurt me deeply. Despite all that, our family manage to pull through together and I’m grateful for the support of my family and friends that been there for me.

Again, I was reminded of how small and powerless I am when it comes to such force, but I have to be strong and stay strong for that little girl that need me.. her mother. The strom has passed… and we pull through together.  And I know that my job doesn’t end here, it is far from over.. we’re still have a long way to go and there’ll be more tears.. more heartbreak, more worries…. but there will also be more smiles, more laughter, more hugs, more ‘I love you mommy and daddy’….

Looking at her sleeping next to me now and have little smile on her face.. all those pain, sleepless night… the worry, the tears.. it’s all worth it!!!

Happy nine month my baby Kalia!

My Hulla baby

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  1. About your “friend” , Girl friend, you’re way too nice! I wouldn’t put up with people like that. She say really hurtful stuff to you and you still willing to respond. Jeezzwheez! I hope karma will get her! By the way send, you never told me who’s that “friend” is? You only told me the story and you pretty much hesitant to even share it with me, you just want to make sure you didn’t say anything wrong in your email. And let me say it again, I don’t think you said anything wrong. To me it sounds like she is unsure of herself and each time comes back with a different reaction where you were consistent with your responses. She have issue girl, was she abuse? Sounds like it.

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