People search what on google????

I was talking to my husband last night about  this blog stat and how I’ve been getting a pretty good hits on it. One day my stats shows over 200 hits – it’s probably nothing for some other blogger out there, but it’s a pretty high hits for me – normally my blog receive around 15 – 20 hits on daily basis, so hitting those 3 digits can be surprising. My first initial thought was did I by accident posted my honeymoon video? Then my husband told me maybe it’s from the search engine.. hmm.. he can be smart sometime 🙂

I never realize that on the dashboard of the blog under stat will listed your top search from search engine. I just discover that little information last night and it really give me a good laugh….  Most of the question is fairly normal, but there are some that makes you shake your head!

Here’s some of the search question that lead some people to my blog:

 “can out muscle my husband” – seriously.. “what???”

“Cheesehead fetish.: – eeeewww

“eating husband muscle”  hmm…

“Sexy Indonesian girl.” = oh yeah.. that’s me!

“Indonesian married Hmong.” – I swear I thought I was the only Indonesian girl that marry Hmong guy!

Oh gosh… I can’t imagine working for Google and see what other weird interesting subject people are searching there.


2 responses

  1. When I first started blogging years ago, I was happy when I received 5 hits on my blog. And most of the time, it was my family who read my posts. Then I moved my blog from my myspace (I no longer have a myspace) to wordpress. And from here on, it is slowly gaining readers.

    It’s so funny when I first figured out the stats page on wordpress. For me, the most popular search terms that bring people to my blog are “Rape jokes” and “Hmong.” The former makes me think less of the human race.

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