Cheesehead needed!

My husband is so excited with the possibility of the Packer will go all the way to the superbowl this year. It bring up the cheesehead in him! To surprise him, I’m thinking of getting him a cheese-head. One small problem, we live in Denver! The whole day today I tried to call any sport store to see if they have any cheesehead or if they know anybody who does. My friends also kind enough to help me look.

Somehow, lots of my friends and co-worker getting a kick out of this, they always laughing each time I made a phone call to the store. I didn’t realize how silly I sounded until I hear one of my co-worker did the calling for me “Hello, I was just wondering if your store have any cheesehead?”  all I can think of, “Oy… things you do for love..”

I have no luck so far – despite everybody wishing me one – 🙂 well, I’m not giving up! The search continue tomorrow before I finally give up to buy this online or calling my in law… or maybe I can just buy a block of cheese and literally made this out of it.. hmm….

Oy… things you do for love…

Taken from Yahoo Image

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