Beeyotch in the kitchen

It started innocently. Came home Friday night after weekly grocery shopping and can’t find a space in the fridge! Crazy! I have a fairly decent two door fridge plus one more in the garage and still running out of space??? We just have too much food! This is why I’m fat! 🙂

So I vow to myself to re arrange it the next day and for the moment just stuffed my recent grocery in every space I can find. Luckily I mostly purchase dry items.

Come Saturday morning, I did my promise! Seriously, rarely happen! I rearrange the fridge. I threw away a bunch of questionable stuff and clean it. It didn’t stop there, because I was in the mood, I decide to re arrange the freezer too.

I discover that I have too much meat store in my freezer. I keep on buying stuff when it’s on sale not realizing I already have way too many at home. So, I started having all these ideas in my head of what to cook that day and crazy as it sounded, I actually did it!

The whole weekend, between Tyra’s piano class and Arabic school, I manage to make 6 entrées and side dishes. I would love to share the recipe and I will on my next post because everything tastes so yummy and everything is so easy to make!

On top of that, I also cook three dishes for my friend, who will undergo a surgery this Wednesday, my hope is she can freeze it up and heat them up so she doesn’t have to worry about cooking for her family while in recovery. Bummer because of the snow I can’t deliver it today as I was plan to. Hopefully the weather will clear tomorrow.

Below is some picture of the food I cook over the weekend, I will post the recipe separately.

Happy weekend!!

My take on healthy chicken fingers


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