Hope for the new Millennium!

In just a few short days we’ll say good bye to 2010 and welcoming the new millennium 2011.

2009 was a very tough year to me and my family and I wasn’t sorry to see it come to an end, but 2010 was a bit bitter sweet to me. It has its own challenges but it is also one of the year that hold few special moments in my life. The memories that will bring you smile when you close your eyes and remembering them.

Life will always have its ups and downs.. just as my father always remind me, “life is like a rolling wheel, sometimes you’re up and sometime you’re down, but you’ll never stay at the same place. Don’t be drown in sorrow when you’re down because it won’t last forever and never forget who you are and who’s your friends are when you’re up, because what’s comes up will comes down eventually.” Money, fame, wealth, jobs won’t last forever.. but true family and friendship will…

An eye opening incident for me in 2010 give me an insight of how to define one character and who you can call true friends and family or even a colleague, if I can share that with you: “anyone can do well in good times. It’s an individual’s response to tough times, difficulty and hardship that demonstrates the true content of their character. So chose your friends and your surrounding wisely because they can either drag you down and lift you up.”

I’m not going to dwell on the bad but will always cherish the good. Everything happen for a reasons, everybody comes to our life for a reason.

A friend send me a card for the new year that has beautiful writing on it. I quote here:

New Years is time to celebrate & remember all the things that are good in our life….

The people we love, the places we are part of, the memory we’re holding on to and those unforgettable moments that keep you smiling and go on with life…

 So let’s celebrate and cherish those good memories!

I wish you all a bright and shiny New Year.

Sending you love from our house to yours,

Nathan-Pheng, Sendie, Tyra & Baby Kalia.


2 responses

  1. 🙂 Sendie you are so insightful and I agree life does have it’s ups and downs and it’s a true test of a person’s character how they respond and react to tough times for themselves and even how they react to others around them who might be having a down time. I always believe that what you put out into this universe is eventually what you will receive back. So if you try your best to put positive peaceful loving energy out there then that’s what you will attract back to yourself. Life is never without trials but if you surround yourself with love from your friends, family and even yourself then it makes it easier to move through those bad times. Thank you for your wonderful words and yes let’s cherish the memories of the past and welcome the New Year and all of the positive, prosperous and peaceful events that it brings for us! Take care and wish all the best for you and your beautiful family!

  2. Sendie, You are an angel and good friend. Thank you for the beautiful post. May your New Year be filled with love and friendship. Don’t forget how special you are.

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