When a Muslim girl & family hosted a Christmas Party

This year Holiday party is held at my house and we’re so excited to have the honor! So I roughly have one week to transform my house into the holiday theme. I think I did well.

This is my poor attempt of having a Christmas Tree at my house – I used to have the big one and I figure because we never really put it up, we gave it away with all the ornament to one of my friend.

Picture of some food and decorations

And for more pictures, please go to my family share picture site.

For the main entrée we’re having Pho! After all we’re Asian.. 🙂 (one of my favorite bloggers Lori Dyan having Chinese or Sushi as her traditions!) I made a huge pot outside that can feed the whole army – literally.  Other family bring side dishes and other food.

We played games and at midnight we carol. The games we played was just so simple but so much fun that get everybody laughing so hard most of the times. The caroling was beautiful, everybody was singing their own melody, off key was heard and mumbles…  we all do it together as family which is very nice.

Check out the video my husband took.

And guess what… the party lasted all night through the morning! Each time we get together we always played cards. So after midnight we start our poker tradition.. although I never play (don’t know how and not really interested to try) I was there in the table – watching my husband lose miserably! – and we all just talking and talking and before we know it, it’s 6 am in the morning!

We finally took little nap at 6 am ish… and the kids woke us up around 11 ish…  kinda skipped breakfast and have lunch together – I made my semi-homemade cinnamon rolls though… J – being Asian and all.. we have rice and pho again for our ‘brunch’ hehehehe…

It was very having family with us on Christmas day. The kids helps Tyra & Kalia opening their presents and we really have fun…..  it’s such a privilege for us hosting the party this year at our house, even though personally me and my husband don’t celebrate Christmas religiously, but there are others things to celebrate….. Love, Family and friendship…

This is part of me being corny and all… but I quote from John Lennon songs,

“Imagine there’s no heaven…It’s easy if you try….No hell below us…Above us only sky…Imagine all the people….Living for today… Imagine there’s no countries….It isn’t hard to do….Nothing to kill or die for….And no religion too…Imagine all the people….Living life in peace…”

And yes, just like him… I am a dreamer too.

Peace on Earth… with love, from my family to yours.

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  1. ahahahahahahha this is AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE…that’s so sweet of you to share those moments with the world…personally…I’m gonna kill you guys for putting those videos on YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!:-P

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