The day my dress blew up on me….

This happen to me last summer. I insist that I can still wear my regular summer dress to work. I just gave birth about 2 month prior. The dress was white with blue flowers and have zipper on the side. It was cute! What not so cute is I have since gained extra pounds and dress size.

I manage to get into the dress and even though I know I look like a giant marshmallow I went to work. Few hours later while I was working I can hear my zipper open up. Craps!

I ran to the bathroom before it’s too late and my dress literally blew up on me just in time as I get to the bathroom. How am I getting out of here???? Try not to panic, Holding my dress on the side with my hand, I went to one of my co-working desk who’s happen to sit not too far from the rest room. She’s like the mother of the office and have all kind of sewing kit in her drawer. She helped me and poor woman, she’s trying so hard not to laugh while she helped me get my dress together with safety pin and needle.

It work temporary and off I went to Marshal – that happen to be just across from the bank building – to buy new clothes. I came back wearing new clothes and my boss and others just look at me funny.. “you went shopping?” “Yes I am, I need to change my appearance for the meeting this afternoon.” Now I have new nick name “high maintenance” J

After the humiliating day, I went home and while watching TV with the family, my 5 yrs old in her nonchalant way talking to me “Mommy, baby sister is not in your tummy anymore, so how come your tummy is still big?” She’s lucky I love her!

Well… just like what they say… You know you’re fat when your dress blew up on you…. literally! So zumba here I come!


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